John Podesta Ducks His Russian Connection

Posted March 30th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It seems that for a full year at least – the Democrats both in Hillary’s camp and the Obama Cartel were desperately trying to link Trump to Russians – to Putin himself if possible….   And they recklessly broke the law in their failed attempt.

Meanwhile,…buried in old headlines – i.e. totally forgotten by our left-wing Media,  were stories about Hillary’s people – and their Russian connections….

Hypocrisy – thy English name is Democrat!

It seems that back in those good old Obama Glory Days – 2011, – John Podesta joined the board of Joule Technology – a company that Russian interests (Rusnano) had heavily invested in.  His 100,000 shares of stock were thus ‘tainted’, – should he have ever done any further political or government work…..

Which by 2016,…he was up to his eyeballs in….as Hillary’s campaign guru.


This past Sunday the Daily Caller published their piece – suggesting that Podesta’s surviving 75,000 shares should have been reported – and that they ~ might ~ represent the long reach of Russian interests guiding Hillary’s campaign

Podesta went into a full-bore snit.   He had his attorney Mark Elias fire off a “CEASE and DESIST” letter.

But like all things Democrat,….they sent it to the wrong address,…so the Daily Caller didn’t get it.

Now while RRB cannot join the Daily Caller is suggesting that Podesta played fast and loose with campaign reporting laws,….

.we can certainly report on this very public controversy,….and suggest you follow the news,…and draw your own conclusions.

Given who else Podesta has associated with (Bill & Hillary & Obama & Soros) – you are certainly old enough to decide about his character and ethics based on “the overwhelming preponderance of evidence”

Funny how these Democrat geniuses,  – all chasing any shadow or whisper of “Russian” in connection with Trump,….are all tainted by Russian dealings themselves,…including Hillary’s uranium sellout.

And,…just FYI:  The Russians didn’t rig the 2016 Election,..

…we Republican bloggers did!

3 Responses to “John Podesta Ducks His Russian Connection”

  1. Kojack

    Doesn’t matter. DEMOCRAPS ALWAYS GET OFF. The rules and laws are for other people.

    Hillary Rotten’s sale of 20% of U.S. Uranium thru the Clinton Foundation political slush-fund as SECSTATE should have been enough for a REAL congressional investigation. Her private server COMPLETE WITH CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS should have landed her in Ft. Leavenworth.

    In contrast, two of Chris Christie’s former NJ aides are getting prison time for CAUSING A FUCKING TRAFFIC JAM!!!

    The time for talk is over. The DEMOCRAPS are completely out of control.

  2. Walter Knight

    Democrats who evaded taxes or took bribes should be prosecuted. Bring on the indictments and freezing of assets.

  3. Sonny's Mom

    So the “reset” turned out to be… Uranium One. Nowadays it takes a village to raise a big fat globalist slush fund.