John O’Mara Assumes New Duties!

Posted September 9th, 2016 by Iron Mike

If ever I thought a guy would live long enough to bury me, – it was John O’Mara!
Seems Barbara went to church last Sunday,  – came home and found him dead.  Damn-it John,  – you should’a gone with her!

So John came to church today,…to Saint John’s in Clinton – where over a hundred of the staunchest Conservatives in the Commonwealth gathered to say goodbye.


There were very few tears.  We all understood what a GIFT John’s life had been,  and how we were all blessed to have had him pass through our lives.

On a personal note,  I’m a little overwhelmed as we approach this election;  – we’ve lost so many patriots recently,…Barbara Anderson,  Tom Gilroy,  Marie Nieber,  Phyllis Schlafly,  and now John…..


Dear Lord,  – give them Peace,  – and give us strength!

4 Responses to “John O’Mara Assumes New Duties!”

  1. Panther 6

    Semper Fi! The foxholes keep getting further apart. He is now at Fiddler’s Green with the Big DI in the sky. May he rest in peace.

  2. Catherine

    Rest in Peace, John. We are diminished.

  3. John Papas

    Still have trouble believing such a vital man passed so quickly from us; easier on him though. His inspiration and example will carry us and others onward. Prayers and thoughts are with Barbara and his family now. Extremely sorry I didn’t hear of this ceremony until after the fact, keep us posted if any other memorials occur.

  4. Charles Caliri

    John was a wonderful family man and a great Dad and a courageous patriot.

    Mike, this was a nice tribute to John.