John McCain On A Fool’s Errand

Posted May 27th, 2013 by Iron Mike

McCain MeddlingMaybe he just can’t grow old gracefully….

Maybe losing to GW Bush and Obama was more than he can bear.

But John McCain’s antics these last few years baffle this former supporter.  Now he’s gone on a personal expedition across the Turkish border into war-torn Syria,…to meet with ‘rebel leaders’

And this is a fool’s errand, because this ‘rebellion’ is being staged by al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Iran.  In recent weeks Hezbollah has joined the fray, to insure they end up with their corner of Syria when Assad is driven out or killed.  Nothing McCain can say or do will alter events, – he can only squander his remaining shreds of credibility.


One-by-one, the Muslim Brotherhood – using al Qaeda, have toppled the kings of North Africa – Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt.  Syria is next, – then likely Jordan and Iraq.  Their final targets are Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Whatever the rebels do to achieve success in Syria – will be done again in Jordan, – and finally in Saudi Arabia.

The dream of re-establishing the world-wide caliphate is almost at hand!


If Israel falls – the role of the USA as world peace guarantor and leader of the free world will be over.  If we allow the one sole democracy in the entire Middle East to fall to the barbarians, – no nation on earth will trust us again – ever.

If Saudi Arabia [admittedly a truly obnoxious kingdom] falls to either al Qaeda or Iran – or both – and the holy cities of Mecca and Medina fall into their hands, – the entire balance of power in the world will see a seismic shift.

The Saudi military – army, air force, navy – alone could probably conquer Israel. They have good stuff – mostly US, British, and French.  In the wrong hands,….  Add hordes of willing Egyptian cannon fodder….

Imagine for a moment….al Qaeda as the new owners of the Royal Saudi military – AND the oil wealth that comes with it. 

Mister MagooMcCain running around like Mister Magoo will quickly have him looking like a caricature.

Syria is a problem best left to blow apart on John Kerry’s and Obama’s watch.  Let the bloodstains be on their hands. They are easily fools enough to handle the task.

If you want to win back our hearts John, come back home and help get our southern border secured!

S-300 Launchers and RadarUPDATE: Tuesday 28 May 2013   Russia again threatens to send Syria a battery of their S-300 anti-aircraft missiles ‘to deter hotheads’.

That means Israeli, Turkish, or US aircraft.

Arms merchants to the Arabs for 50+ years, the Russians are itching to field-test their newest equipment.  Things haven’t changed much since the Spanish Civil War….  And as long as Assad can pay cash….

McCain and Kidnappers

6 Responses to “John McCain On A Fool’s Errand”

  1. Tom

    I could not believe this when I heard it this mornIng. Are these inside the beltway dinosaurs totally oblivious to what is happening in Syria? Is he paving the way for a visit from Kerry and Obama?

  2. Casey Chapman

    The muslim brotherhood has infiltrated our government all the way to the white house. Been there for months if not years. Communists are there as well. People have been lulled to sleep by the progressives since Wilson was in office. FDR gave the Ukraine to the USSR at the end of WWII. We need to re-build the country we once knew from the ground up. Get rid of the progressives in both parties, including McCain.

  3. Sam Adams

    McCain, the progressive who called the Republican Senators Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz “whacko birds” for being concerned with our Constitution, is a long time member of the establishment’s “Junior Partner” Corporation with the Democrats.
    Politicians like him are poison to the Republican Party, and until and unless we rid ourselves of these parasites, we’ll be subject to blame for every failure they create in the name of Republicans.

  4. Walter Knight

    It is not an ‘antic’ to try to free Syria, and the Muslim Brotherhood does not run Libya. This same reasoning was used to deter helping Libyan freedom fighters. Finally, the French got the job done by destroying Kaddafi’s air force.

    Now, Assad and his Iranian backers are about to be kicked out of Syria, and we won’t help. Assad is our enemy. Not supporting freedom fighters because the freedom fighters have been smeared by a public relations ploy is a mistake. it’s Obama that doesn’t want to help remove Assad. That should give you the first clue.

    Senator McCain has balls for going into Syria, and is the only politician that has it right.

    No! No! No! No!

    Balls,…maybe. Brains? Not even close!

    Al Qaeda is no more friend to us than is Assad. But Assad is not a regional threat in the way al Qaeda is.

    The US Constitution does NOT give senators the authority to meddle in foreign affairs or foreign wars.

    McCain is meddling for his own ego, – there is literally NOTHING he can do to save lives or move events to a more US-favorable outcome. He can EASILY make things a lot worse!

  5. Walter Knight

    Senator McCain went to Libya before we finally assisted the French in getting rid of terrorist Kadaffi. It did make a difference. Syria is not just a testing ground for Russian weapons. People are fighting for their freedom. In the Middle East, it’s about time.

    Assad can hold onto power as long as he has his air force, just like the Taliban did in Afghanistan before we targeted it.

    McCain is too old for ego, he’s going to retire soon. He’s just doing what is right, at great risk. If Obama won’t do what is right, then it will take world opinion, just like what happened in Libya, to provoke action. But, the French can only do so much.

    After Assad falls, there will be another civil war. Like Carter when the Russians left Afghanistan, Obama won’t help moderates, but like Libya, once experiencing freedom, the people won’t give it up so easily. There will be a fight. We should help now, not wait for moderates to be slaughtered by an Iranian-Hezbollah backed regime or militias.

    Israel will only do what’s best short-term for Israel, not the region. The civil war can go on forever for all they care. Israel’s policy is to break things and move on, not to attempt a permanent fix. That’s because Israel is just a small country. America is the only superpower able to effect lasting change, and it can be easily done with selective targeting of Assad’s air force. The Syrians will do the rest.

  6. Walter Knight

    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

    Albert Einstein