John Kerry Plays Hillary’s Charity Money Game

Posted September 13th, 2016 by Iron Mike

He sends State Dept money (our Tax $$) to his daughter’s ‘Charity’.   Does the plan sound familiar….?
You know John Kerry – the Vietnam ‘War Hero’…


– the guy who lied to Congress about Vietnam, and decades later about Iran,


– the former US Senator from mAssHole – who was so sleazy he made Ted Kennedy look respectable – and senatorial,….


– who ran for President – and waited 4 long years to be Obama’s 3rd choice for SecState…?


Yeah, that sleazebag who just sold out to the Iranian Twelvers…and flew a planeload of CASH into Tehran….to his in-laws… 


Well, he’s taken a lesson from Hillary – and found a slick legal way to line his pockets.

It involves giving $tate Department Dollar$ to the Peace Corps – who then funnels it to his daughter Vanessa’s Global CharitySEED GLOBAL HEALTH $9 million so far…


Hey, with John Kerry – the War Hero – involved, – what could possibly go wrong?


Personal Note:   Kerry and I know each other.  I loathe and despise him;  – I believe the feeling is mutual….

4 Responses to “John Kerry Plays Hillary’s Charity Money Game”

  1. William Clark

    I believe my dog is voting for Trump.

    He is uneducated, never went to obedience School.
    He comes from somewhere in the Midwest.
    He hates the afghan hound up the street.
    Most days his hair is an indescribable matted mess.
    He was never a service dog, but has an opinion about service dogs.
    The female dogs up the road he barks at the B*tches.
    He is primarily white and over 70 in dog years.
    A Chihuahua he chases under the fence.

    And he eats his own poop.

    He is defiantly voting for Trump


    That’s very clever Willie……

    Only one thing,…he’s YOUR DOG!

  2. Sherox

    William, I can clearly see you hate America and will vote for that bitch, Hillary. If you don’t love America, leave it.

  3. Prim

    William, Since it has been said that a dog is an extension of oneself — You are uninstructed.

  4. Kojack

    Who says animals are dumb?!?!? Willie just admitted that even his DOG IS SMARTER THAN HE IS!!!