John Kerry Loses Another Embassy

Posted February 12th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Now he’s even with Hillary, – almost even with Jimmy Carter! The State Department is destroying computers and burning files at our embassy in Sanaa, Yemen.
John Kerry loses Yemen embassy

Houthi thugs backed by Iran have seized the embassy vehicles,  – and by the time you read this will likely have ransacked the building.

And it was JUST LAST YEAR that Obama

was bragging at his 2014 SotU Address about all his clever successes in Yemen.

My Strategy

He was determined to make the point that he is a far more clever strategist than Bush.

So who can Obama blame this massive and very public failure on? Kerry’s fault? Chuck Hagel maybe? He’s already fired Hagel…

He’s gotta blame someone… Maybe the Republicans?

From early reports the embassy evacuation was what we old soldiers call a jugg-fuck – a screwed up panicked ‘Operation FUBAR’.

Yemen protests at the gate Sept 2012

But Hillary’s / Kerry’s State Department had plenty of warning, – plenty of time to plan and prepare for that disgraceful LAST DAY.

Too busy patting themselves on the back, – and writing acceptance speeches…?

The Middle East got a LOT more dangerous today – even as Mister Obama plans his non-war against ISIS.

Shi'ite Houthi rebels take over Yemen embasy

If he’s looking for non-US troops to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq, – maybe he should consider hiring 10,000 of these Houthi…?   Seems they know how to get the job done.

NOTE: There are reports circulating that our Marines in Sanaa were forced to turn their weapons over to the Houthi.

This is ~ probably ~ false,  – put it does point to the widely-held opinion that the US is no longer a force to be feared.

And THIS is EXACTLY the goal Obama had back in 2008…. This is the CHANGE he was talking about.

One Response to “John Kerry Loses Another Embassy”

  1. Jim Gettens

    HELLOOOOO… Are you Saudi Wahhabi Islamofascists ready to emerge from your incomprehensible torpor and defend yourselves, instead of undermining stable societies elsewhere by funding Wahhabi mission outposts??? Iran is about to get THE BOMB courtesy of HUSSEIN Obama and Lurch Kerry. You are facing the Iranians across the Persian Gulf and now have an Iranian puppet state on your southern flank, to wit, Yemen, and Iranian puppet regimes in Baghdad and Damascus, with Iranian puppets Hezbollah dominating Lebanon. The Iranians also control Hamas. So when are you going to pull your thumbs out of your asses and take on Iran, while also allowing Israeli flights over Saudi territory to hit Iranian targets???