John Kerry Is Feeling So Ignored

Posted February 5th, 2010 by Iron Mike

We’ve always known Theresa Heinz’s oversized lap-poodle as someone who craves the limelight and seeks the spotlight.  From his earliest days when he donned an inappropriate “uniform” stuck a chest full of medals on it, and lied under oath to Congress about atrocities being committed by American GIs in Vietnam, – to yesterday trying to horn in on Scott Brown’s ceremony – it’s always been “look at me – I’m John Kerry”. 

Elected to the Senate in ’84, – Kerry stood waiting 24 long years in Fat Teddy’s shadow to hear himself announced as “the Senior Senator from Massachusetts“.  But soon people across the land saw him for the loaded buffoon he is – and our humiliating nickname became: Mass-a-Two-Shits!

Undaunted, Kerry ran for President – only to run afoul of the very troops he wanted pulled out of Iraq.  Can you imagine how humiliated he ~ might be ~ by the recent disclosures of his priapic running mate’s behavior?  Not Kerry, – he understands these things, – he was banging movie stars while his first rich wife was in a mental hospital.  John’s little head has no more ethics than his big one.

Now John’s tenure as the BIG MAN from Massachusetts has been overshadowed by the election of America’s new political heartthrobScott Brown.  Naturally John was there to horn in on the photo-op as Scott was sworn in.  And he’s already launched his next crusadeagainst free speech.   He is just so concerned that the Supreme Court overturned parts of McCain-Feingold that he wants a new “fairness doctrine” amendment to our Constitution.

Progressives have been talking about this for some time – Obama even has a “Fairness Czar – Mark Lloyd – an avowed communist who was caught on camera praising Hugo Chavez.   The real goal of these “Progressives” is to either muzzle or at least neuter voices like Rush,  Beck,  Hannity, and even your humble RRB bloggers.  We’re all so dangerous.

Their first step is to require each conservative [“anti-government”] program or blog to employ an approved progressive counter-voice.   Fairness, right?   Because you’re just not smart enough to change the channel if you don’t like what you’re listening to.  Or click away if you don’t like this blog?  Poor dummy you needs Kerry to write an amendment to our Constitution to protect you from lies and evil thoughts.  Gawd forbid that you hear an opposing view to ObamaCare, Cap&Tax,  massive federal debt,  or the need for the USA to subordinate itself to the United Nations General Assembly.

Gawd forbid you tell Kerry to stuff it: (202) 224-2742 I just did.   He wasn’t there, he’s off to Munich looking for more limelight.   He’s been acting as the “stealth SecState” for a year – getting ready to replace Hillary.   Or so he believes.   Think Obama will neuter him next?  Massachusetts is going to need another good senator – maybe well before 2014.   Jeff Beatty, are you listening?

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. dannap

    Yes, Jeff Beatty, you were the first hope of Americans on the outside of Massachusetts! You may have set the stage for Scott Brown to be victorious. Your campaign was also a national effort . . . and a good one. It would be interesting to see how your foundation of support has grown. We’re behind you Jeff. Massachusetts may redeem itself, yet! Then, maybe the Rino’s in other states will begin to reconsider their lukewarmth and opt to represent conservative thinkers once again. Delaware, are you listening?