John Kerry Can Almost Smell His Prize

Posted July 30th, 2013 by Iron Mike

John Kerry is beginning to make the best of being Obama’s [second] choice for SecState. Still delusional, still in love with TV cameras, he is in search of the Holy Grail – MidEast Peace. He can ~ almost ~ smell that Nobel Peace Prize….[something Hillary doesn’t have…].Dinner with a FOOL
For Lurch [aka LiveShot aka War Hero] it’s always all about HIM, – and damn the consequences. The ‘Palestinians’ understand; – they know just how to play him…


Since Obama’s election – and his bombastic trip to Egypt 4 years ago – the ~ almost stable ~ Middle East has erupted in a rebirth of Islamic fundamentalismunder the banners of al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Stable and US-cooperative governments have fallen in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt, – and Iraq seems to be coming unglued along the usual Sunni/Shia bloodlines.

Syria is in the midst of a 2-year multi-sided civil war – which Obama seems determined to exacerbate with US Arms and military/CIA advisers. Neighboring Turkey teeters on it’s own return to the 7th Century.

Our one single reliable ally in the whole region – tiny Israel – must now ‘play the Peace Game’ or risk the further wrath of the openly hostile Obama.

Not only must they contend on their murderous Arab neighbors in Gaza and the West Bank, – they must deal with unrest in Egypt, – the homicidal Shia in Southern Lebanon – the Hezbollah, and the Twelvers building atomic bombs and long-range missiles in Iran.

The Palestinians – who live a good life on US handouts – know how to play this game. They make outrageous demands for a return to the[totally indefensible] 1967 borders, demand the ‘Right of Return’ for all ‘Palestinians’, pretend [in English] to acknowledge Israel’s ‘right to exist, – while reassuring their own people [in Arabic] that their goal is the extermination of the Jewish State.  And they DEMAND the return of their murderers.


Kerry hopes these promised nine months of talks will keep him in the spotlight [in front of TV cameras] well into the 2014 mid-term election cycle. He wants America’s MoonBat colonies mentally equating him with ‘elections’.

Hillary Blocks His WayIf even a tentative or token ‘Peace Compromise’ is reached – that treaty-signing handshake photo-op moment – then he sees that as his ticket to a Nobel Prize in 2015 – in plenty of time for him to begin his 2016 effort to overtake and by-pass Hillary.

YES, of course Kerry still thinks he’s presidential material. Hey, at least he has a US birth certificate… He’s also counting on more Swift Boat Veterans dying off by 2016….

The Palestinians have his measure. They understand his arrogance – that he has dreamed of being a ‘peace-maker’ since those days when he committed treason as a US Navy Reserve officer – by traveling to Paris and attempting to negotiate with the North Vietnamese.


The Palestinian demand [and Israeli acquiescence] for the release of 104 hard-core murderers – most serving life sentences in Israeli jails for murdering Israeli women and children. This alone is a major victory by the Palestinians – proving that with Obama backing their view of the world, – they can effectively blackmail the Israelis. Kerry just plain doesn’t care. This deal is all about him – not real peace.Arab murderers

These released murderers will be greeted as returning heroes, – and will assume leadership positions in new terrorist cells. More innocent Israelis – and innocent Palestinians will die. But Kerry doesn’t get it, – and he doesn’t care.

Weaponry now finding it’s way into Syria – into the hands of the worst and most ruthless al Qaeda groups – will in time be turned against Israel. Kerry doesn’t care. He hopes to be President by then…Second Choice

Finally, if there is an agreement of any kind – any signing ceremony, – Kerry hasn’t figured out that Obama and Susan Rice will suddenly appear front-and-center to take the limelight and the credit. He’ll be told to stand ‘respectfully off to the side – the same as he did when his [second choice] appointment was announced. He will NOT have a speaking part!

You see Lurch, – oBummer is just USING YOU!  You’re just another of his tools….

3 Responses to “John Kerry Can Almost Smell His Prize”

  1. Choppin Charlie 6

    The only prize this guy deserves is the booby prize. Nothing significant will come from his initiative. No one is giving up terrain. Kerry is drinking his own bathwater.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Lurch is what we call a Useful Idiot. Nothing more. He’s never had an honest job in his life.