John, Jimmy, – PLEASE Shut Up!

Posted August 6th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Two of the most worthless and dishonest Americans ever born keep yapping for attention on the world stage, – and our stupid media keeps giving them a megaphone.
Jimmy Carter John Kerry
Near-senile Jimmy Carter renown as an Israel-basher and Jew-hater – wants us to recognize the terrorist group Hamas. Military genius Carter says that the lopsided casualty figures are proof of Israeli ‘war crimes’.

Meanwhile Pro-Kerry Kerry is again calling for peace talks,…anything to earn him that damnably elusive Peace Prize!

Jimmy Carter pro-Hamas
One can only wonder – and shudder – at what snakes writhe inside their twisted brains.

Kerry search for peace prize

In Kerry we have ego and ambition wrapped in a false sense of self, a lifetime history of lying and treason, – and still believing he is both worthy and destined to become president.

Kerry lifetime bad choices

It’s scary watching him now to realize how close he came on 2004 – with John Lothario Edwards by his side…

Grotesque racist Jimmy Carter is a stain on our nation almost as bad as Obama, – and ~ perhaps ~ worse since he is a Naval Academy graduate.

Carter with book

In the 60s and 70s he took some pains to hide his racism.

No more! His seething hatred of Israel and his one-sided views on the Middle East make me wonder what “liberals” ever saw in him…., and in his old age he’s making no attempts to hide it.

America, and the World, – would be far better off, – and have a greater chance for Peace, – with both men mouldering in their graves…. May God rest their troubled souls!

One Response to “John, Jimmy, – PLEASE Shut Up!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Carter and Kerry both need to be in an assisted living home.