John F-ing Kerry: Climate Expert!

Posted April 9th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Thomas Massie, represents Kentucky’s 4th CD – Northern Kentucky.  He holds a BS EE and an MS ME from MIT – a real scientist.  By contrast,  Lurch has a BA in Political Science from Yale and a JD from BC Law.

Watch as Americas biggest lifelong traitor – and now self-proclaimed climate change expert – makes an ass of himself yet again – as the cameras roll.

You’d think after his lifetime of treason,  buffoonery,  and fortune hunting – this gigolo would slink quietly out of sight.

NOPE!   If there’s a TV camera anywhere – don’t get between Lurch and the lens….

Watch him argue about CO2 levels – 800,000 years ago,  – and proclaim with certainty that there were no humans then.

And you KNOW if he can get somebody else to pay for it (his rich wife maybe) – he’ll try running for President again….if for no other reason than to tell you what a war hero he was….

Why does ANYBODY listen to Kerry…?

3 Responses to “John F-ing Kerry: Climate Expert!”

  1. Mt Woman

    What a colossal clown! Note how he keeps insisting that his facts are accurate simply because he’s John Kerry. Do you think one of the reasons we have such income disparity is because we continue to download into the statistic so many low-skilled, non-educated, non-English-speakers to the nation’s workforce? It will take years to take any one of these 100,000/month who are crossing over the southern border to the productive job market.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Come on down, Ketchup-Man. Add yet one more fool to the cabal….

  3. jim ettwein

    My only comment is that I refuse to read anything that this guy says. Sorry. No interest.