John Conyers Speaks Socialism

Posted October 18th, 2010 by Iron Mike

In 2008 I held a sign saying “No Socialism/NoBama” it sparked outrage in left-wing voters in Massachusetts.  “Oh how can you say that?  Democrats aren’t socialists!  Obama’s not a socialist.  That’s terrible!” 

Yeah?  Listen to powerful Michigan Democrat Congressman John Conyers [yes, the one who’s wife is serving time in federal prison] talk to a gathering of Democratic Socialists of America.  He could not make his agenda – and theirs – any clearer.

Unemployment in Michigan is at 13.1%double that in the greater Detroit area.  Did you hear Conyers say that Obama has to do something to create jobs?  Like what John, – raise taxes?

How powerful is Conyers?  He’s been ‘serving’ in Congress since 1965.  He chairs the Judiciary Committee, and he is a founder of the Congressional Black Caucus.  He is considered the 6th most liberal congressman to serve since WWII.  He ran unopposed in 2008.  His 14th District is 60% Black and considered “solid Democrat”.  This year he’s being opposed by teacher and businessman Don Ukrainec.   

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