John Conyers Meets An Honest Woman

Posted May 13th, 2014 by Iron Mike

She counted.  He’s 408 signatures short!  He only needed 1,000?John Conyers 408 Short
84 years old, in Congress since 1965re-elected 23 times, looks like he took the 1,000 signature requirement very casually this time.  Maybe having a wife in prison clouded his judgment?

No matter, Wayne County Clerk Kathy Garrett did her job, John is looking at retirement – finally!

Oops, it’s not over…. you won’t believe this:  

UPDATE: 24 May 2014 Obama-appointed judge Matthew Frederick Leitman – on the bench only 77 days,….orders Conyers name put on the ballot!?!

Matthew Frederick Leitman

These Obama-appointed judges are going to give us fits for the next 40+ years!


UPDATE: 4 Nov 2014 Placed on the ballot – Conyers was re-elected by an 80% vote. There is no hope for these assholes!

One Response to “John Conyers Meets An Honest Woman”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Just goes to prove, not all politicians in Detroit are hacks. How come they only need a thousand, by the by?


    Well Casey,…

    In the greater Detroit area – it’s REALLY HARD to find 1,000 registered voters, – who can write their own names