Joe Touts A “Harris-Biden Administration”

Posted September 15th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Speaking to veterans down in Tampa,  Joe gaffes again…the day after Kamala’s Freudian slip…he echos her!

We can only conclude he’s got advancing dementia and is on Namenda.

Back even before Joe secured the Democrap nomination,  – we were promising you a gaffe-a-day.  He hasn’t disappointed.

Problem is,  he’s not running for the Gaffe King,  – he’s running to run the Free World,  – and his brain is already leaving the battlefield.

Certain drugs commonly used to treat advancing dementia and Alzheimer’s cannot stop or reverse the progress of the disease. 

They can only slow the onset,   – and only for a little while.

Then the disease seems to have a catch-up period – and get worse – faster.

And people are ALREADY VOTING!

Why would Democrats be so eager to elect a non-functioning person?

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