Joe Sestak Rises Again From The Ooze

Posted June 24th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Joe made himself so unpopular with fellow Democrats that in 2016 they provided his Senate Primary opponent Katie McGinty $1,500,000.

He brags about being “Admiral Joe”,  – but doesn’t explain how in 2005 CNO Mike Mullen abruptly ended his career.  Maybe it was because he publicly advocated cutting the Navy by 115 ships…? And then there was the Obama bribe….

It was back in 2010.  Joe was already a 2-term US Congressman – utterly and totally liberal in all his votes, – when US Senator Arlen Specter switched parties – and became a Democrat,  – thinking that the TEA Parties were becoming effective,  and might end his career as a “Republican”.

Sestak decided to challenge him in the Democrat Primary….

But strangely, the Obama Cartel thought Specter would be a more reliable Senate ally,  and they sent Bill Clinton to offer Sestak a “DEAL”,…

  – back out of the Senate Race and they’d name him to be the next Secretary of the Navy.

And thinking that news of that bribe would bolster his chances,…Sestak made the political blunder of making the bribe attempt public knowledge.

Sestak DID defeat Specter in the primary – ending Specter’s political career.  But Sestak lost to Pat Toomey by 80,229 votes.  Specter died two years later.

With Toomey up for re-election in 2016, Sestak was at it again.  But this time he faced Governor Tom Wolf’s Chief of Staff – Katie McGinty in the Primary.  Sestak thought he would “…walk across the state” to gain political traction.  By now the national DSCC was so pissed at him they gave McGinty $1.5 Million….

…and she beat Sestak but then lost to Toomey.

And here we are in 2019 – with a highly successful Republican President, – and once again from the deep ooze of the failed Democrat Party,…crawls “Admiral Joe”?   WHY?

Joe is pro-abortion,  anti-gun,  – and believes that global warming is our greatest national threat….

Joe is one of those DemoCRAPS who will never understand why Americans voted for Trump!

2 Responses to “Joe Sestak Rises Again From The Ooze”

  1. Aloha Snackbar

    He could easily be from Massachusetts.

  2. Ben

    What a bunch of sleaze bags. How do they fool so many followers?
    I could be wrong but President Trump should win reelection or the
    Voters should really take a good hard look at themselves.