Joe, His Siblings, – His Son: ALL DIRTY!

Posted September 24th, 2020 by Iron Mike

RRB has been telling this story for over 6 years,  that the coin-operated kleptocrats called the Biden Clan are dirty,  – mired in both US and foreign corruption,  – and SCREW the American People!

THE SADDEST PART:   Democrats don’t give a DAMN!

Suddenly Hunter – the crooked lawyer – is an energy expert?

This is the dirty game that Trump broke up.   We were PAYING the bulk of the NATO defense budget,  – to defend Europe from Russian incursion,  while the European nations were buying natural gas being piped from the Ukraine and Russia,  – i.e. they were FUNDING Putin’s military buildup.

Does America really need a coin-operated girl-fondling president with a drug-addicted horn-dog son…?

Democrats don’t care!

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