Joe Biden’s Horrible October Friday

Posted October 5th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Joe Biden has been on the Government Payroll – living and dealing with a different set of rules – since 1973 (46 years).
His understanding of some basic English words is just different than yours.

Two videos – both very revealing of the man who thinks it’s ‘His Turn’:

Joe seems to be caught off guard by direct questions:

In this segment of the interview – Biden spews out the word CORRUPTION,  – calls Trump ‘the most corrupt president in modern history’.

I guess he’s already forgotten about LBJ, Clinton, and Obama…?

Joe will always have both his US Senate pension and his Vice President pension, – plus his investments, plus his Platinum Health Care, (and lifetime Secret Service protection detail),  – so his retirement years will be comfortable.

He can continue his White House quest for as long as he has money and polling numbers,  – but at this rate his campaign is unlikely to survive until 2020 rolls around.

I’m betting that he’ll toss in the towel by Halloween…


If Senator Squaw becomes the nominee,   I’m guessing she won’t even want him hanging around the 2020 Democrat National Convention in Milwaukee next July.

4 Responses to “Joe Biden’s Horrible October Friday”

  1. panther 6

    Just my opinion but Biden is, and or, has lost it. His mind is slipping and he can’t cope with reality.

  2. Vic

    I wonder how high his blood pressure got during that press conference? Half-expected to see another eye turn red!

  3. Walter Knight

    Liberals have always gotten a pass until Donald Trump got into their face and fought back.

  4. Kojack

    The VILLAGE IDIOT is toast. The ESTABLISHMENT DEMORATS have been behind LIE-A-WATHA since she announced and they want Biden out of the way.