Joe Biden Calls Us “Dregs Of Society”

Posted September 17th, 2018 by Iron Mike

At age 75 – the hatred,  frustration,  and bitterness are weighing heavily on Joe;  – he isn’t a happy man.

But he’s still “…thinking about 2020…” 1 minute video 

Joe is often called “Our National Village Idiot”,…for a lot of good reasons.  This speech will become part of his legend of bad moments:

Here are a few photos from Memory Lane….

Joe likes to mingle….get close to the voters…

Joe likes swearing-in ceremonies too, – he gets to be close to the ladies…

Anything in a skirt…..gets him going….

With the Ukrainian Prime Minister….

If someone as sleazy as Biden wants to call me a “DREG”,  – I just might put it on a T-Shirt!

I wonder if Joe’s looked at the unemployment numbers lately.  Do you think he even understands them?

3 Responses to “Joe Biden Calls Us “Dregs Of Society””

  1. Mt Woman

    Is it me or does ol’e Joe look like he’s lost weight? Except for the voice and innanities spewing forth, I would have thought I was looking at Ted Danson.

  2. Vic

    The bikers in that picture above look like they’re fixing to take him out back and stomp him!

  3. Kojack

    It’s just Joe being Joe…..a 1st CLASS ASSHOLE.