Joe Biden Already Thinking Of 2020

Posted January 5th, 2018 by Iron Mike

There are millions of DummycRATS who look lovingly at “Crazy Joe”,  – and see him as a ‘respectable elder statesman‘ of their party.

For the sake of our Young Republic – and the World,  – you need to remember how utterly stupid and deeply loathsome he really is…

Biden never made a wise decision in his life…and he doesn’t seem to even care.

Always the clown….

Ugly family problems too….

Biden had 2 sons – Hunter and Beau.

Beau died of cancer in 2015,  whereupon Hunter began ‘seeing’ Beau’s widow Hallie,  – to the point that Hunter’s wife Kathleen (mother of his 3 kids) left in disgust.

Son Hunter had a VERY brief career as a Navy Reserve officer – cut short when he peed hot for cocaine on his very first drill weekend in 2014.

And “Crazy Joe” still thinks the America’s Democrat voters will overlook all of this….and let him bring this crap into the White House….

You’ve been WARNED!

8 Responses to “Joe Biden Already Thinking Of 2020”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Biden may have indeed made two good decisions: He had two fairly attractive wives….. Other than this, the guy’s demonstrated time and time again his complete idiocy….

  2. Kojack

    Again, GreenBeret, we agree to agree….BIGTIME!!!

  3. Walter Knight

    Joe Biden will not be able to shake his ‘Village Idiot’ and ‘pervert’ reputation. It is ironic that character assassination will be his downfall, rather than issues. Liberals falling to their own tactics is too funny.

  4. Sonny's Mom

    Based on the ridiculous statements that come out of his mouth at unguarded moments, I am convinced that Joe Biden has a mild form of brain damage. This would certainly make him a serviceable pawn of the left and Islam, much like Barack Obama.

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    I did a little research on the 1972 vehicular accident that took the lives of Biden’s wife and daughter and injured his two sons.

    Over the years, Biden has garnered emotional and certainly political support by claiming his family was killed by a drunken tractor trailer driver. It appears this is not the case, as the driver was not charged with DUI, nor was he charged with any other traffic violation….not even a vehicle maintenance infraction. Investigation and witness reports say Neilia made a left turn right in front of the truck and the driver was unable to avoid the collision.

    So, grieve for his loss as we wish, but we we have to add this fantasy to his plagiarized college work, inflated resume, non-existent scholarships and college class and graduation ranking.

    He’s almost as dishonest as Hillary Clinton.

    Bring him on ….



  6. Leonard Mead


    The shotgun video is LAUGH OUT LOUD!


  7. Kojack

    In light of his well known history of gaffs, family background and GreenBeret’s expose about the accident that took the lives of his 1st wife and daughter, maybe we should start a VILLAGE IDIOT campaign fund for uncle Joe to ENSURE he gets the DEMOCRAP nomination.

    Imagine a presidential debate between him and Trump?!?!? Priceless!!

  8. Sherox

    What is more shocking is that with all the #MeToo that are coming out why is not Joe Biden’s name among the accused?