Jim Jordan’s Clip On “Peaceful Protests”

Posted July 28th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The House Judiciary Committee Hearing today – featuring AG Bill Barr was a Democrat-heavy attack on President Trump,  on the Justice Department,  – and a defense of AntiFA and BLM rioters.  Jim Jordan had a surprise for them:

The FULL 4-hour hearing clip is available below the fold:

This is the FULL 4-HOUR video – which includes the 8-minute segment you just saw.

We want you to have access to the full story.  The Dems have a story line which says that Barr is a puppet of Trump,  and Roger Stone and General Mike Flynn received special treatment not available to anybody else – because Barr is doing Trump’s bidding.

You can move the slider and watch any segment you want to.

You ~ might ~ want a bucket handy as you watch some of the Democrats.  They’re hoping Trump is defeated in November,  – so they can drag him back for a second ‘impeachment’ in February.

Their only solution to the AntiFA / BLM riots taking place in American cities seems to be for law enforcement to promise to never arrest another Black person – ever – no matter what.

The Jim Jordan segment comes at 46 minutes:

Democrats don’t simply want to defeat Trump,  – under their Puppet President Biden (or his VP) – they intend to BOTH remake / redraft our Constitution and PUNISH Republicans.

If they win,  it could lead to a real civil war – fought in our big cities.

One Response to “Jim Jordan’s Clip On “Peaceful Protests””

  1. Paul Baldi

    We fought the Nazis and the Japs to “free” the world and wind
    up with these assholes in Congress, and in the streets? Who do
    they think they are?? The people are going to say enough of this
    shit” and take matters into their own hands and fight fire with
    fire. They want a confrontation? Be careful what you wish for!!