Jim Comey Sells A Tale To Highest Bidder

Posted June 23rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

The man who smoothed over all of the Clinton messes – Whitewater, – Fast & Furious, – Benghazi, – the email server,…seems to have more leaks to sprout.    Why else would he and his wife spend 3 hours at the NY Times?

Kind of ironic…the big man who wants to somehow reclaim his ‘honor’ after being fired for being incompetent,  – cozies up to the most distrusted news source in America.

For their part – the Times is desperate for circulation.  They’ve recently discounted their on-line subscription rates – anything to increase viewership – and ad revenue.

And the Time recently fired public editor Liz Spayd and announced major trimming of backroom editorial staffers.

So,  will we be seeing a series of front page “exposés”  – featuring swamp creature Jim Comey,  – in a heartbroken tell-all…?

After all, the Times has decades of proving they don’t care much about either national security or the truth, – they just want to be seen as the thought leader of the left-wing media.

Since Comey has already committed perjury before Congress, – and since he failed to report Trump’s alleged “attempt to shield Mike Flynn”, – and since he is still likely to be a pivotal witness in Robert Mueller’s investigation, – – – how much sense does it make for Comey to be selling his version early to the Times…?

Unless,…the version he wants people to believe is more flattering than the truth?

Or,…maybe he is just craving the spotlight, – and looking for some Sunday talk show spots…?

In many ways all of this is a sad ending of a career that many thought was honorable.  But like everybody else who went to bed with the Clintons, – Comey has come away dirty, – infected, – and reeking of putrid swamp.

This would appear on the surface as a classic Shakespearean case of ego and vanity eating away at honor until the inner core is devoured.

Mister Comey seems to be after vindication, revenge, and some sort of high-visibility position to wrap up his less-than-illustrious career.  

I’m not sure that Times can offer him any of these….

We really have to wonder what Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch discussed on the Sky Harbor tarmac.  And what had Comey been promised if Hillary had been elected?

2 Responses to “Jim Comey Sells A Tale To Highest Bidder”

  1. Brad Wyatt

    Rand Paul was right about Comey before he was confirmed!


  2. Mt Woman

    Coney and his ilk, the real deplorables!