Jill Biden Speaks Spanglish To Commies

Posted April 2nd, 2021 by Iron Mike

China Jill Biden “First Lady” to China Joe, – should have taken Spanish lessons from Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria….

Jill’s first public speaking venture was in Wednesday – in Delano California,  – to celebrate the birthday of communist farm union organizer César Chávez who combined striking Filipino and Mexican farm workers into the Unión de Campesinos back in 1966.

Many RRB readers are too young to remember the 1960s,  – back when we were fighting communists in Vietnam,  and in the vineyards and lettuce fields of California.

The commies won both battles,  and this week’s visit by Jill Biden validated that win.


There were valid reasons for the Grape Boycott of 1965-67. Conditions for the workers and their families were abominable, pay was lousy, and during the harvest they were expected to work 16 hours straight; – THEN kick back money for ‘rent’, food, and tools

Over the years the union – now called HUELGA – grew in power and spread to other growers and farms.

And because the farmers were paying much more for what had been cheap labor,  they raised their prices….

And grocery stores began looking for cheaper sources of produce (fruits and vegetables). They found a ready supply overseas – in South America and China,  – where there was no Department of Agriculture to safeguard growing procedures.

That’s right – as fast as car manufacturing was chased off shore, – so was food production.

Worse,  environmental nazis began declaring that keeping obscure fish like the snail darter alive was critically more important than American farmers using American water to irrigate fields to grow American food.

RRB doubts that in all of China there are any snail darters,  –  and if there are,  they’ve adapted to life in Chinese irrigation ditches.

So China Jill came to Delano,  – to make sure that both the legal Mexicans and the illegal ones knew that China Joe was thinking about them – even as he ignores the internment camps along our Southern Border,  full of illegal Mexicans,  – waiting for a chance to pick grapes.

Governor Newsom was there too – he’s the Patron Saint of the Snail Darter.

Somewhere in all the joy of celebrating the life of César Chávez,  concern for Social Distancing was forgotten….   We hope Doctor Fauci doesn’t scold the First Lady.

It was neither oversight or accident that had Jill Biden speaking in front of the HUELGA flag,  and not Old Glory. 

If you’re not familiar with the AZTLAN Movement,  – your head has been in a very dark place for far too long.  Wise up!


Judge this Biden family by their actions – not their words.

Jill ~ might ~ have gone to visit solders,  wounded solders,  cops,  firemen, a nursing home,  – or our Southern Border.

She chose visiting with a union founded by Communists.

2 Responses to “Jill Biden Speaks Spanglish To Commies”

  1. Ben

    It’s too bad your column doesn’t have a much larger audience. I think if more people were informed things could be a little better. So many people are oblivious of what is going on around them. There has to be a way to be better informed. I know if you want to be better educated there are many ways but there must be a better way to get this kind of information out here.

    █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █

    E-V-E-R-Y RRB reader is free to take this material and share it with their own Facebook group, – with their local Republican Town Committee, their local gun club, and their local Church Group.

    If you see something you think is important – SHARE IT! Remaining silent makes you into an 18th Century iron hitching post, and the Democrats and Commies will tie their mounts to you.

    Colonial Lawn Jockey

  2. Kojack

    The reason Jill & Joe get along so well is that they are both ASSHOLES who should have been hung for TREASON a long time ago.

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