Jeremiah Oliver Has A Question…

Posted February 6th, 2014 by Iron Mike

…for DCF Commissioner Olga Roche….
Jeremiah Has A Question

had a closed-doors hearing today with the Legislature.  Since she’s one of Deval Patrick’s diversity hires,…you’d think they’d go easy on her…?   Deval sure has! 
Olga, did you have a good breakfast before you came?

UPDATE: Good Friday, 18 April 2014 – very sad news broke today as police found a body ‘matching ht/wt of Jeremiah’ found wrapped in a blanket and stuffed in a suitcase / duffel bag along I-190 in Sterling. Autopsy results tomorrow…

2 Responses to “Jeremiah Oliver Has A Question…”

  1. Tom

    Olga could be the house mother at a Charles Dickens East End Orphanage. Where does he get these characatures of themselves? There must have been a country wide search, I am sure. Pity the poor children that depend on DCF, because it is certainly not all about the children.

  2. Casey Chapman

    The children that depend on DCF routinely fall through the cracks.