Jennifer Rubin: “Burn Down The Republican Party!”

Posted August 26th, 2019 by Iron Mike

What is supposed to the “Conservative Writer” at the Washington Post just showed her true left-wing / RiNO self on live TV – saying she wants to “Burn down the Republican Party – no survivors!”

Mind you,  she’s a LAWYER,  so she understands the meaning and the power for certain words.  And she is exactly the kind of sickness that MSNBC gives TV time to. video

You be the judge, – is this “Hate Speech”?

NOTE: The following is a replacement for the original video – which as you can see – got pulled.

Jennifer is / was a big Mitt Romney fan,  – and last December was predicting that Trump and Pence would conspire to pardon each other and then resign.

So either she’s a complete wack job,  – or she actually believes the bullshit being generated by the Propaganda Ministry.   Someone should try to sell her a bridge.

Most RRB readers are savvy enough to understand that MSNBC puts wack jobs like Rubin on the air – simply to hold onto their Trump-hating lunatic fringe audience.

They have nothing else to offer,  and they need the viewership to keep advertising $$ coming in to pay their staffs.

Is it a flagrant abuse of the 1st Amendment?   Sure is!

2 Responses to “Jennifer Rubin: “Burn Down The Republican Party!””

  1. Ben

    Which way is the wind going to blow tomorrow, Jennifer?


    She has always been horrible, attacking Senator Rand Paul, and Congressman Ron Paul for a decade. I see her name on the byline, and completely ignore it. Useless blowhard.