Jennifer Nassour: Anti-Trump Spewing Shrew

Posted October 22nd, 2016 by Iron Mike

On TV and on Twitter,  Party Chair Barbie,  – the dismal failure MassGOP Chair,  – can’t stop bashing Trump?
Is Hillary paying her to regurgitate the DNC lies?
She was on Fox-25 Boston last night – thrilled that the New Hampshire senate race is between two women.  She seems to be a single-issue feminazi….


My memories of her years as MassGOP’s Chair are very painful – because with her short skirts she bedazzled most of the non-thinking dorks on the Committee.   Much more worthy candidates ran against her,  – but both time the feminists (the pro-abortion fake Republicans) ruled the night.

baker-tisei-2010Nassour was heard several times bragging that when Charlie Baker ran for Governor in 2010,  – he would pick her as his running mate. 

Didn’t happen!   He picked openly gay State Senator Richard Tisei – only to lose resoundingly to Deval Patrick.

So it was hilarious, when Romney began his run in 2011,  – even he had Nassour eased out in favor of his trusted sidekick – Runty Maginn

Maginn had to bribe the skeptical committee critters to vote for him.

Within months there was a petition circulating to remove Maginn,  – when Republicans learned that he’d donated money to BOTH Deval Patrick and NY Senator Chuck Schumer.  In the end,  Romney didn’t even carry Massachusetts,  – and Maginn quickly departed….

.now we’re stuck with the Mouseketeer.  She too is pro-abortion,….and she hates guns.

Nasseur  Maginn   Hughes  FAILURES

There is a stark lesson in all of this Folks: many so-called / self-proclaimed “Republicans” are anything but

Our MassGOP has been thoroughly infiltrated for decades, – most of the committee members are either RiNOs or fake republicans – actually active Democrats assigned to weaken our party into mere token opposition.

Thus you get anti-gun, pro-abortion, pro-gambling, pro-marijuana,  pro-amnesty,   and even pro-Common Core advocates among them. You’re not supposed to be smart enough to tell the difference. 

They EXPECT you to accept their label.   DON’T!!!

Remember that Jennifer Nassour tells us that she is a bar-certified attorney.  Any REAL attorney would be outraged at the two career criminals – the Clintons.


But Ms. Nassour – a ‘proud mother of three girls’ – pretends to be outraged about Trump (as portrayed by Gloria Allred and the DNC) – while she gives the Clintons a hall pass.

Republican” my ASS!   She’s one of THEM!


Hey Jennifer,  Bill Clinton flew on the “Lolita Express” 26 times to Jeffrey Epstein’s private “Orgy Island”….

Want to trust him around your three daughters?


6 Responses to “Jennifer Nassour: Anti-Trump Spewing Shrew”

  1. Sherox

    A total disgrace.

  2. Panther 6

    Disgusting but sadly powerful and lots of her fellowette (new word there) femi nazis will listen. I sure hope the common folk are really going to come out for Trump.

  3. Kojack

    It’s bad enough that mass-hole-achussetts will NEVER have a REAL Republican Party due to the likes of Baker, Nassour, Hughes, Maggin, etc. but now MASSHOLES(democraps) are leaving the POLITICAL CESS-POOL they created and are infecting states that used to be solidly republican like NH, FL and AZ. After the election I intend to change my party affiliation to un-enrolled. I am done with the FAKE GOP party in MASS-HOLE-ACHUSSETTS and in 5 or 6 years I hope to move out of it altogether.

  4. Clinton ma tea party

    We need to clean out all the trash in the Republican Party. We also need to clean out all the Rhinos in the state. It is a shame that our own governor Charlie Baker can’t even support the Republican nominee for president but tries to throw every other election in our state to the biggest rhino politician there is running against anyone Republican. Are Republican state committee closing up shop early so they do not have to back any Republican if any at all. Most Democrats who are running for office in the state of Massachusetts to not have any opponent and I think that’s the way the baker and the Rino Republican party wants it. I also believe that the Trump offices in the state of Massachusetts Arnot Trump offices but they are set up to destroy Trump make people pay for signs then give that money to the victory funds so we can go into Baker’s pocket for his run for governor which he is not going to win anyways.

  5. Jim Buba

    Try not to forget Scott Brown’s hand in all of this. Nice guy, bad politics.

    Doesn’t matter if he is actually that bad or playing nice to get elected.
    What a nice guy.


    “Nice” HELL Jim!

    He quickly turned as arrogant as Kerry once in office. Didn’t want to talk to, listen to, – or even be associated with the TEA Party folks who’d put him in office. So when he needed help being re-elected in 2012, the TEA Party turned their backs too, – and we got the Squaw.

    Then in 2014 – he lost AGAIN in New Hampshire – and his wife is back working again o pay the bills.

  6. Mt Woman

    These RINOs think like all liberals. They truly believe that if they throw their support behind anyone but the duly chosen Republican nominee for President that when the Dems get in office, they will be looked upon favorably and granted favors and positions. Little do they know, to the Dems, we will always be perceived as the ugly step child and will be treated accordingly.