Jen Benson STILL Doesn’t Know!

Posted January 4th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Happy New Year Americans!   Duck and Cover Democrats!

Acton, MA   It’s been said that I can be a stubborn man.  I wanted answers and when my State Rep kept blowing me off – I went to see her in her “Acton office”, a local coffee shop.   I think she wasn’t glad to see me.  I wanted her answers to those same two questions – Kevin Jennings and Global Warming / bag tax.

So she invited me to sit down and I asked her again about issue #1 – “Safe Schools Czar” Jennings.  She admitted to going on his official web site,  and knew he had once been appointed to a post by our former RiNO Governor Weld.  But that was the limit of her research.   She still knew nothing of his handing out fisting kits to JrHigh kids at Tufts.  At this point of the conversation she got extremely fidgety.  She stated that “my concern on this topic was alarming, . . . that “nobody in the MSM was covering it“.  So we know for sure where Jen gets her news, – Katie Couric and Chris Matthews.  I explained the problems with a certain teacher in Acton, – she acted as if she’d never heard about it.   [And she calls me “alarming”?  Wow!]

On issue #2man-made global warming and her 5-cent/ bag tax, she remains adamant that it’s needed to both combat global warming and to fight solid waste.  She was totally unaware that our local carting company requires household garbage to be bagged.  I’m pretty sure she hasn’t considered the public health issues involved.  She did admit to having learned about the leaked CRU emails – but feels their validity is “subject to debate”.

To my neighbors in the Mass 37th:  Jen may be a nice enough person Folks – but she is abjectly and dangerously uninformed, and a totally confirmed socialist.  We need to stay on her case between now and November, and hold her strictly accountable.  Left on her own, she’ll happily legislate us into a socialist nanny state.

The final chuckle – as Jen was glancing about the small room searching for support from anywhere,  a nice lady who’d overheard most of our conversation nodded her head, and told Jen “I agree with him”.   Between now and November Folks – reach one voter at a time.  But do reach them.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “Jen Benson STILL Doesn’t Know!”

  1. Steve

    Good luck with that one. I saw that you picked up her utter ignorance in an earlier post on Women’s Suffrage. I live in a border town and know a lot of conservative folks in N. Central Mass, I’ve never been able to understand how Ms. Benson, John Olver et al continue to get elected.

  2. Alex

    Great, you’re anti-science as well. Not that surprising.

  3. britsarmymom

    Anti-science? Are we still considering Global Warming based on science? Or is now “Climate Change”? I’m no scientist, but 1. The “research” has been exposed as corrupted and 2. Baby, it’s cold out there…as usual for New England January.
    As for me, I’m just anti-Koolaid