Jeff Zucker’s Last Desperate Move?

Posted December 12th, 2021 by Iron Mike

You knew that things were getting tense and edgy at CNN when they rehired Jeffrey Toobin. Are on-air lawyers that hard to find?

Now Chris Wallace is departing Fox and joining CNN.  Four long years of his anti-Trump slap-shots endeared him to few,  – and they stopped watching Fox anyway….

In the years leading up to the election of 2020, CNN was in a race with MSNBC to be the MOST anti-Trump network, and they beat the Russian Golden Showers hoax as if they were all on the Clinton Payroll.

It helped them hold onto a small audience of loyal Trump-hating moonbats.

A year into the Biden pResidency,   and stark reality has set in – hard!

Viewership of all TV cable news is down’ = people are getting better news from social media,  and they don’t need people like Toobin,  Cuomo,  or Chris Wallace to explain it to them.

For so long as Boston Democraps keep Fat Teddy’s picture on the mantle next to the Communist Pope, CNN will have their undying loyalty.

But they ARE dying….  Elderly Democraps seem particularly susceptible to COVID-19.

At RRB we cannot imagine what Chris Wallace can bring to CNN that will help save it, – or save Zucker’s job.

Wallace is so full of himself that his ego and arrogance drips out of your TV set every time he’s on.

As for Zucker’s job – – – if Chris Wallace is the freshest face and most insightful perspective he could find in all of America,….he may soon be looking for a job as a 2022 campaign media advisor.

CNN began 41 years ago – in 1980.   The First Gulf War gave the young network a BIG BOOST as people were clinging to every word in airport terminals during the first televised war.

But success quickly went to their heads at CNN.   They stopped being a news network, – and became a propaganda arm of both the DNC and the CCP.

How desperate is Chris Wallace (age 74) to go into that cesspool,   rather than accept a graceful retirement from Fox…?   Can you say “GIANT EGO”?

With Wallace jumping ship to sign on with FAKE NEWS,  -we finally see his true colors….

2 Responses to “Jeff Zucker’s Last Desperate Move?”

  1. panther 6

    WOW, Chris Wallace to go to CNN. Have not liked him for years even before he want anti Trump. Fox’s loss is no loss and CNN’s gain isn’t going to help them.

  2. Jim Buba

    I call it ‘The StuperBowl Shuffle’