Jeff Zucker’s Image Problem

Posted July 6th, 2017 by Iron Mike

When you’re a far-left 52 year old media know-it-all,  it’s tough to be taken seriously,  – even on serious news stories,  – when you’ve been selling fake stories about Russian Gremlins for a year.
Now Zucker is blackmailing an internet blogger?

Today even the lunatic Mongolian runt has more credibility,  – because at least the majority of his crude missiles actually fly.   How much longer will Time-Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes allow Zucker to urinate all over CNN’s shredded reputation?
Freedom of the Press is such a precious right;   – what a pity CNN squanders it!

It seems that CNN’s troubles are far from over!

2 Responses to “Jeff Zucker’s Image Problem”

  1. Sherox

    The bully here is Zuckerberg.

  2. Mt Woman

    Put another nail in the CNN coffin–get Zucker for blackmail. Send a message to all media that they either report the news or get out of the business.