Jeff Sessions Kills Operation Choke Point

Posted August 19th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Sometimes the Good News comes to us in quiet little pieces, which the Propaganda Ministry tries to ignore – or even distort.

The evil Obama-Holder program called “Operation Choke Point” has been ENDED!

Eric Holder came up with the thing – which they attempted to ‘sell’ to us as a tool to stop ‘dirty money’ from flowing to terrorists and drug cartels.  That was their rouse….

The real intent was to put small gun dealers out of business – by (1).  forcing banks not to deal with them,  and (2).  seizing any cash they could find on deposit in accounts,  – and in safety deposit boxes.

This was very popular with the extreme left anti-gun lobby.

The problem is that an honest dealer could now not find a bank willing to risk the wrath of the Obama Justice Department to do business with him,  – and to recover the seized assets could take years and tens of thousands in legal fees.

Like everything else these two “Harvard Law Graduates” did,  – there was ZERO regard for the Law, – for Private Property (Socialists HATE the concept of private property), – or for Due Process

A merchant would suddenly find his account emptied and his bank refusing to do any more business with him.

Sessions ended the program Friday. 

Thank God,  and thank Donald Trump!

In other Justice Department news the long-delayed (Obama foot-dragging) drafting of a LAW to make Domestic Terrorism a Federal Crime has begun again in earnest since last Saturday in Charlottesville.

Obama and Lynch really didn’t want the law because it could be applied to Muslims and BLM killers and the AntiFA goons.   So they went after Dylann Roof for a “Hate Crime” – which is probably unconstitutional.

Soros and Obama and their goons didn’t destroy our Republic overnight;  – it took them 8 years to finish what Carter and Clinton had begun.

It will take at least sixteen (16) years to fix it and get us back on track!

Stay vigilant and stay involved!

2 Responses to “Jeff Sessions Kills Operation Choke Point”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    People who put MASKS over their faces as they “protest” tell the world they are COWARDS at heart, afraid of anyone knowing who they are.

    Time to prosecute.

  2. Sherox

    Terrorism is terrorism. The source, foreign or domestic does not matter. Don’t those elected, serve in the military, or serve on police departments have a sworn duty to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic?


    Have you EVER seen a Democrat honor their OATH? EVER?