Jeff Sessions & Dan Coats Issue A Warning

Posted August 4th, 2017 by Iron Mike

In his gentle Alabama accent,  Jeff Sessions issues a warning to government insiders;  – that they will be uncovered, tried, fired, and jailed.

He’s like that Cottonmouth Water Moccasin;  – he doesn’t rattle,  – and his bite is so soft it may not even hurt you.   But,…you’ll die from it!

14½ minutes….


The Cottonmouth…..

I’m a long-time fan of Jeff Sessions,  – and I hope to see his guys frog-marching a few Deep State Obama insiders off to jail!

Then will come the uproar from the Left and the Propaganda Ministry…that he’s acting like the Gestapo – “trying to silence patriotic whistle-blowers”;  – but we know better.

Sleuthing out these traitors and self-appointed spies and Obama deep-state vigilantes is expensive and resource-consuming,  when those agents could be better used tracking down ISIS and MS-13.

I’m also hoping he can catch some media people PAYING for leaked secrets,  – thus stripping them of any “1st Amendment privilege”…  

Jail Baby – JAIL!

7 Responses to “Jeff Sessions & Dan Coats Issue A Warning”

  1. Leonard Mead


    I hope you are right that Sessions will finally start vigorously doing his job as Attorney General and not “RECUSING” himself.

    If his actions and results don’t follow ferreting out and jailing the traitorous deep-state leakers, he’s got to be replaced.

    There is also NO EXCUSE for not convening a grand jury to persecute Hillary for the numerous racketeering activities extorting donations for Clinton foundation “favors.”

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

  2. Integrity1st

    What Leonard Mead says and, question. Why did Trump attack Sessions so bad? One of the few things I don’t approve of Trump doing, so I’d like to think there is a bigger purpose to it.

  3. Kojack

    Integrity – I think Trump’s was to motivate Sessions and to vent justified anger over his self-recusal, which led to Mueller being appointed which leaves Trump vulnerable.

  4. Hawk1776

    According to every analysis I’ve heard or read, Sessions had no recourse but to recuse himself. This topic should have been discussed before Sessions was nominated for AG. If Trump wanted his AG to be involved, he should have appointed someone else.


    Sessions is ethical to a fault – and yes, he did the right thing.

    The conflict is that Trump is a man of ACTION, – and he genuinely feels the Clintons and their Cartel are criminals – and need to be investigated (by someone more credible than James Comey), – charged, tried, and let a jury have it’s say.

    Sessions is patient, Trump is not.

  5. Peter S

    Finally, at least some words from the AG. But words are VERY cheap. Very disappointed with the AG so far.

    Coates did a fair job of reading the prepared words. “We will proseCATE you.” Not very convincing frankly.

    Very disappointed that the administration overall has appointed only 5% of staff positions. As of last week still 95% Obama holdovers. But McMasters has sensored “Obama holdovers” from the Big State HR manual, so it’s still unclear whose side the NSA is on.

  6. Peter S

    “Deep State” as well as Big.

  7. Kojack

    Firing Flynn was the 1st mistake. Sessions recusing himself was the 2nd. Not going on the offense and firing the Obysmal hold-overs STAT was the 3rd. Playing fair with the establishment is dangerous

    If there are such concerns about appearances then why were Evanka and Kusner appointed as special counsel?!?!? Doesn’t that smack of nepotism?!?!? And they’re both liberals to boot!!!

    Who made the rule that conservatives/republicans have to obey the law and be penalized if they violate it but lib-TURDs/democraps can ignore the law with no consequences?!?!?