Jeff Robbins: Sanctimonious Hypocrite

Posted June 19th, 2018 by Iron Mike

How delicious!  Jeff Robbins – a high-priced white collar lawyer specializing in complex civil cases proposes to lecture us – on “American Values”…?

Jeff,  do YOUR personal “American Values” allow strangers to enter your home on Shade Street in Lexington?  How many uninvited Mexican families are living with you there Jeff?

Jeff and his high-priced Harvard attorney wife Joanne are reliable money pits for liberal candidates.  It will take you at least 10 minutes to click your way through the contributions pages on City-Data to see how many times they’ve maxed out.

Back in 2016,  I noted they liked Martin “Rainwater” O’Malley over either Bernie or Hillary.  Yes, this is a true blue MassHole couple.

So in today’s Herald op-ed,  this LibTurd money-pit proposes to lecture us on “American Values”.

Jeff,  did you ever wear a uniform for this country?  Ever carry a rifle,  or fill a sandbag?  Seems you’ve lived a privileged and comfortable life.

So do you and Joanne let strangers break into your Lexington home – and stay?  Do you feed them and send them to the Lexington Public Schools?

A home your size could easily take in two families Jeff,…how about it?

No, you won’t find any illegals in Jeff’s home.

But he wants you to pay of an endless stream of illegals,  – who will eventually water down your vote even as they drain your city and state budgets,….and turn our USA into Northern Mexico.

3 Responses to “Jeff Robbins: Sanctimonious Hypocrite”

  1. Mt Woman

    More money than brains or ethics!

  2. Ben

    What a puke. He writes editorials in the Boston Herald and he stinks up that paper. I guess you have to read both sides but he still stinks.

  3. Kojack

    The ILLEGALS in that pic sure don’t have that refugee look….you know like mal-nourished maybe and in rags?!?!?