Jeff Bezos: The Arrogance Of A Billionaire

Posted May 12th, 2016 by Iron Mike

The creator of may be a marketing genius,  – then he bought the financially struggling Washington Post.  Now he’s launched their reporters on a witch-hunt – hoping to unearth dirt on Trump.
Bezos investigates Trump
Where the #uck was he back in 2008 and 2012?    Oh, that’s right,  – he was an Obama SUPPORTER!!!  Today he’s a Clinton Supporter!

In many ways Bezos is like Obama.  His biological father was a drunk – who abandoned him after his mother divorced.  She remarried – an immigrant from Cuba – and the step-dad had a major influence on young Jeff.

But,…sadly although Jeff turned out to be a marketing genius – he lacks a clear sense of right vs wrong.

In 2010 Bezos said he had no problem with Amazon publishing a ‘how to guide’ for pedophiles by noted pedophile Philip ‘Ray’ Greaves II.

Then just last December Bezos approved the Post publishing a cartoon depicting Ted Cruz’s young daughters as monkeys…..

Ted Cruz monkey cartoon

NO,  of course he never touched or mocked Obama’s ultra-spoiled daughters and their taxpayer-funded luxury vacations…..

When people talk about MEDIA BIAS, the Washington Post has always been in the thick of it.

Their reporters Woodward and Bernstein became famous for bringing down Nixon….by making a crusade of investigating a simple political burglary at the Watergate Hotel, – that Nixon had no prior knowledge of….

But the Post has never investigated Bill or Hillary Clinton, – and never bothered to vet Barack Obama [aka Barry Sotoro – the ‘foreign student’ from Indonesia] back in 2008.

Now Bezos owns the Post, – his Billion$$$ can keep it afloat even when circulation and advertising won’t…


And he can afford to sic the hounds on Trump,  – while Hillary continues to get a hall pass,  – despite the blood dripping from her fingers….

Blood on hillary's hands

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  1. Hawk1776

    What concerns me is the power of these oligarchs. Zuckerburg, Bezos, Musk, Gates, Ellison, etc. can do whatever they want. The can mold the “truth” to their views and one will never know it’s been manipulated. These guys are scary.