Jeff Bezos ALMOST Ran For President

Posted January 13th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Sad, comical, oddly Shakespearean,  – and likely devastating to the 7 kids involved,…America’s richest and most liberal Democrat has been scuttling his political career for a woman no prettier than his wife.

Did the man who built his career on the internet think that his dating and his selfies would escape discovery?

Remember that back in October 2013,  Bezos bought the already liberal Washington Post for a mere $250 Million,  – so that he would have a favorable (captive) news outlet to champion his White House ambitions…..

Now we’ll see if the Post ignores the boss’s self-inflicted plight or buries the tawdry story in the back pages.

At RRB we have to wonder if Ms. Sanchez was Bezos’ first fling,…or should Gloria Allred and Michael Avanetti be out scouring the countryside for more ex-girlfriends…?

Sitting in the Federal Prison at Devens, Massachusetts – that other pervert who sent selfies of his package (to underage girls) – former Congressman Anthony Weiner must be laughing his ass off.

He’ll finish his sentence and be out – while Jeff’s financial empire is just starting to be divided up – between his wife MacKenzie,  his four kids,  Patrick Whitesell (alienation of affection and willful and malicious interference with his marital relationship) and the three kids in the Sanchez family.

How many law firms will be chasing after that $140 Billion pot of GOLD?  Will there be a movie?

We wonder if after watching the Media give a hall pass to Bill Clinton,  – to Obama,  – then to Hillary,…did Bezos think that by being a rich liberal challenging the “Hated Trump” in 2020,  – that he could escape media scrutiny…?

We think we’ve only seen the TIP of the iceberg…

OUCH!  Richest man in America sits like a trained monkey for Michelle Obama!

2 Responses to “Jeff Bezos ALMOST Ran For President”

  1. Kojack

    Not to be shallow but McKenzie is definitely the better looking and more classy than Sanchez. Maybe she just “doesn’t understand him”.


  2. Catherine

    You’re missing the beauty of the timing trick here, Iron Mike.

    As reported by NeonRevolt, bozos (sic) divest himself of tons of stock, under court order, to make legal settlements. When the valuation of amazon (which simply is NOT a trillion dollar company – no how, no way) plummets, bozos will have already taken out the wealth and in a way no one can fault him for – because it was by court order. Insider trading? No, of course not! How can you say so – it was under orders!

    Watch. If true, this divorce will be fast, and shares will sell well before valuations implode. Brilliant. Sick and twisted (like all else he does), but brilliant.