Jeb’s PAC To Flood New Hampshire TV

Posted December 26th, 2015 by Iron Mike

He’s squandered $35 Million on ads so far – with barely 4% of the polls to show for it…
Bush attacks Trump
Now his PAC “Right To Rise” will be spending another $14.1 Million to flood New Hampshire and Boston TV with RiNO ads leading up to Tuesday, February 9th.   By then New England Republicans should be pretty sick of Lil bro Jeb.

Jeb’s ads are focused on Trump: “You can’t insult you way to the White House…that’s not going to happen…”.Bush 4 percent

Guess what Jeb,

you can’t snivel your way into the White House either.

Time to call it a day…..Americans have no taste for your version of amnesty or Common Core.

Think about it Folks – the big money donors behind RiNO Jeb – some $50 Million so far….own Jeb’s future….

If he were elected,…they’d practically own our government.

12 Responses to “Jeb’s PAC To Flood New Hampshire TV”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    It’s interesting how these entitled families, Kennedy, Clinton and Bush believe they are preordained for the highest office. Some will buy their way, others will lie and murder their way, but no matter what reality may be, they continue their quest.

    In this primary we have a pathological liar, under investigation who may well be indicted before the February primary, and we have a whining RINO who in spite of his unpopularity continues to make a fool of himself.


    jeb is one of the least stimulating candidate ever,he is down right boring.he has the vote of the r.i.n.o.s but we’re on to them also .you’ll find a new job jeb licking your nwo father’s boots.

  3. Jim Gettens

    Juan Ellis Bush is a defective re-tread that never held air.

  4. clinton ma tea party

    Jeb Bush is a rino basterd being run by his old man and the rino GOP. The ma Gop has set up Trump office’s to screw over Trump and Cruz.

  5. Marc

    Jeb’s biggest problem is that no matter what he says, hardly anybody is listening. He’s irrelevant.

  6. Ragnar Lodbrok

    Ted Cruz worked for W. Bush, Cruz’s wife worked for W. Bush, T. Cruz worked for Boehner..

    Notice how Jeb never attacks Ted Cruz?

    Jeb attacks are in support of Ted Cruz !!

  7. Hawk1776

    Just wondering if NH and Iowa are overrated. All of the candidates are spending a lot of time and money in those states. It may be the traditional thing to do, but is it wise?

  8. Sherox

    Jeb who?

  9. Walter Knight

    Liberals used to dismiss Trump as easy to beat. Now, liberals’ biggest fear is that Trump could carry New York in the general election.

    It used to be Republican critics said Trump was not conservative enough (a RINO). Now, they’re saying he’s too extreme. Either way, he’s been under estimated. What makes Trump different? His views are not based on ideology, but rather on common sense, on an issue by issue basis. Maybe that’s what we need. Trump says out loud what we’ve all been thinking.

    Jeb Bush? The Republican nomination has to be earned, not inherited. His father and brother did a good job, but doing a good job makes a lot of enemies. You can’t please everyone, and America wants a tough president.

    I only hope candidates are telling the truth about what they want to do. I trust Cruz. I like Trump. Rubio makes good speeches. Bush is boring.

  10. Kojack

    The “experts” like Karl Rove and Larry Sabato in the lame stream media (including FOX News) are trying to scare people into not voting for Trump by saying that according to their [twisted] analyses he is not electable in a general election due to various vague concocted factors. These same “experts” also predicted Romney would win in ’12 and that Trump would be a non-factor by now.

    Everything I’ve seen on the ground talking to people I know, including democraps, and what they see tells me just the opposite. I went to a family after-Christmas party yesterday where I talked to two members of the Boston Fire Dept. one of them a captain. They’re both supporting Trump and so is everyone in their firehouse! I was very pleasantly surprised. I am sending one of them some Trump bumper stickers so that the Trump name will be seen in the heart of Moonbatville. Also right here where I live in the HEAVILY democrap infested Lowell/Dracut area the only campaign signs I’ve seen so far are for Trump. Don’t fall for the nonsense they are spewing. If we stay with Trump we can begin the process of taking this country back and “making America Great Again” – go Trump!

  11. Corsair1021

    Establishment candidates are not what people want. People are fed up. They have heard all the talk and they want action. They are all in single digits with the exception of Rubio who is part establishment and the only one who is in low doubles. As the establishment drops out, it narrows to Trump and Cruz, and the debates will highlight them more, and more time for people to answer questions with a narrow field. That’s what we need. Enough of the stage show with 10 people and the early group at 1% who will go nowhere.