Jeb Draws The Old, And Black Lives Hecklers

Posted September 18th, 2015 by Iron Mike

When your poll numbers are down, – nothing seems to go right.   Jeb, looking tired and slumped,  – spoke to an aging crowd of 100 in North Las Vegas,  – forced himself to grind through his usual stump speech, –
Jeb Bush in Las Vegas
…and then got heckled by Black Lives Matter…

Damn,…if they hadn’t heckled him,…he wouldn’t have even made the Vegas nightly news.

Jeb Bush Black Lives Matter

For these past 3+ years the media has been salivating over a Dynasty vs Dynasty election year – Clinton vs Bush….

They’ve got all their cute catchy clichés written,  all their old video ready to use…   Now it’s starting to look like neither will be in the race next year.

Low Energy Jeb Bush in Vegas

Jeb may appeal to a certain group of over-40 voters,  but he is raising almost ZERO excitement with the twenty-somethings….

who don’t want another Bush!

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