Jason Takes A Bullet For The Boss

Posted September 19th, 2012 by Iron Mike

aka ‘Falling on his sword’

DOJ Inspector General [aka ‘the Foxes’] release a 512 page report on the henhouse, – damning several federal agencies, – ATF – DoJ – but ‘clearing‘ top brass Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano of any wrongdoing in connection with Fast & Furious.

Today DepAsstAG Jason Weinstein falls ceremoniously on his sword – and resigns. 

That’s sure going to be greatly satisfying to the families of Brian Terry and Jamie Zapata!

NOTE:  A ‘Deputy Assistant‘ is the kind of schmuck you hire so you have a clown handy to blame when shit hits the fan.  They’re considered eminently expendable / disposable.  Remember that this evil scheme started as a plot to trample your 2nd Amendment rights.


One Response to “Jason Takes A Bullet For The Boss”

  1. Tom

    Ah yes, there is nothing to see here folks. Both Eric Holder, AG for the Department of “Injustice” and Janet Incompetano, TSA head have been fully exonerated and boomed by the wolf who was in charge of the henhouse. The missing correspondence and documents reside with the Obama transcripts, missing passport documents, social security documents and the explanation as to why he and Michelle had lost their license to practice law. Can we believe anything that comes from this cartel?