Jan Brewer – We Love You!

Posted August 16th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Gutsy, feisty Arizona Governor Jan Brewer stands up to the Obama Cartel, protects her citizens and her taxpayers!

In a state inundated with a flood of illegals and drug traffic – including Mexican cartel murders – Jan Brewer stands very tall in defending Arizona taxpayers from the unconstitutional burdens placed by Obama’s sweeping ‘DREAM’ amnesty decree.

Obama may have let them stay [for 2 years?] – but Jan issued her own Executive Order – denying any Arizona driver’s license or state taxpayer-funded benefits for illegals. 

Arizona unemployment is still at 8.2% [down from 10.8%  in Jan 2010], they have 1.1 Million on welfare [that’s 17% of the state] – so the last thing their 232K unemployed need is job competition from illegals. 

This will send those one-world liberals into tailspins, but Jan – we love your courage!

One Response to “Jan Brewer – We Love You!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Where are the House and Senate Republicans on this issue. This is clearly done in order to register these illegals to vote in the November election. The facilitators are ready to get out the vote, legal or illegal, it doesn’t matter to them. It is victory at any cost and this may only be the first salvo. Stay tuned!