JamieBoy Eldridge’s Anti-Gun Forum

Posted March 28th, 2018 by Iron Mike

OK,  let’s be honest,  – over these past 10-12 years I’ve come to really loathe this creep,  – and always for good reason.  Let’s start with the fact that he’s a liar,  a socialist,  – and an elected official who skirts and violates his OATH to our Constitution daily.

But JamieBoy was holding a “Gun Violence Forum” at the town hall,  – so I came early,  – and ready to discuss actual FACTS:

It was lonely outside Town Hall for the first 30 minutes,  – just two of Acton’s Finest, – and a tiny handful of pro-2A people from Mass Gun Rights.

Then came some Democrat signature gatherers,  – including Jen “Brillo-Head” Benson – who has grown very ‘prosperous looking’ during her years at the public trough.

The kid collecting signatures for Jay Gonzales claimed he didn’t know that Jay’s wife Cyndi had violated elections laws by using her state computer and email to campaign against a ballot measure.

Would you believe it,…when Eldridge arrived (fashionably late) he avoided me,   – he wouldn’t even answer my question…?  David Linsky slid by too….

Only one elderly former teacher was interested is discussing FACTS,  – but admitted she knows nothing about guns  – and doesn’t want to.

Frankly,  by the time the church bell rang 7 PM,  – we’d seen a very sparse crowd of aging Woodstock alumni go in,  – and none of the usual left-wing Acton activists…..

Perhaps they have enough self-respect to not come and watch JamieBoy posturing as he stands on the graves of the Stoneman Douglas dead to advance his own career.

I waited 10 minutes for late-comers – but there were none,  so I went in.  There were about 10 people seated at the panel desk,  – and about 50 in the audience.

If JamieBoy had hoped for a packed room,…it didn’t happen.

TAKEAWAY:  None of the panelists have the slightest interest in talking with gun owners,  – or with anybody who has ever been involved in a shooting situation.

Or with anybody who was ever charged with guarding a facility….

Their minds are made up – “Guns are EVIL”,  – and there must be some LAW that will make them safe…..

A BIG Tango Yankee to Chris Pinto of Mass Gun Rights, and Mike Long, Tyler, and Steve who came to defend our Constitution,  – and who were ready to discuss FACTS!

STUPIDEST QUESTION OF THE NIGHT:  (from several Democrats)  “What does abortion have to do with school shootings?”

STUPIDEST STATEMENT:  (from Jen Benson“I’d like to change the 1st Amendment too…”

9 Responses to “JamieBoy Eldridge’s Anti-Gun Forum”

  1. Asusue

    God bless you, Mike, for all you do to protect this country.


    TY M’Dear, – but I just hope He forgives some of the escapades from my youth…or I’m gonna fry….

  2. Ben

    They live in their own world and think everyone should be as righteous as them. They are actually cowards who will get their point across but will not listen to reason or even debate it.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    As I implied in yesterday’s comment regarding useful idiots and idiot billionaires: First, they’ll want our guns, and then they’ll want our speech….

    I can’t imagine they’ll want to quarter troops in our homes because, in the first place, Liberturds don’t like our soldiers, so there won’t be any soldiers to quarter. But I can well imagine them, having discovered we have lesser used rooms in our homes, wanting to quarter some “Takers” in those rooms. Our rooms, of course, not theirs….

    And then we’ll slowly become insecure in our papers and effects, be caused to witness against ourselves, and be deprived of impartiality. Whoa! Isn’t the DOJ already doing this?

  4. Kojack

    A big Tango Yankee to you, Mike for CONFRONTING lib-TURDS WITH THE FACTS.

  5. mark

    We need 1 million Iron Mikes.

  6. Panther 6

    Honestly these idiots can’t even define what an AR is. They think an AR 15 is an assault rifle, not lately. Sadly they will keep coming till something bigger pushes the MSM into another explosion of info and wild reporting.

    If our schools are shooting galleries we can thank SEN Joe Biden the GUN FREE Schools allowing them to be shooting galleries.

    Mike your first sign about ARMING folks in schools is right on.

  7. integrity 1st

    Thank you Iron Mike, Chris, Mike L, Tyler, and Steve who came to defend our Constitution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lonnie Brennan

    Proud to know you Iron Mike!


    And I Sir, – am very proud to call you Friend!

  9. Varvara

    How about a volunteer group of retired police or military that would go to the school. Approximately 3 hrs a day, 3 shifts a day. If a call was put out for men or women only 15 people would be needed a week. No uniforms but concealed firearm. I would hazard a guess there would be 100+ volunteers. A quick refresher course by the police and we are good to go. And the cost would be…. Volunteer is the operative word.

    It won’t happen Varvara, – because JamieBoy and the sleazy Democrats running our town government and school system want to use “GUNS” as a political sledge hammer.

    They don’t give a DAMN about the kids; – if they did they’d be teaching them HISTORY and ECONOMICS – and not “Global Warming”.