Jamie says, “Trust me, I know best.”

Posted October 6th, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

But listen to his comments. He’s proud of this. He’s sure he’s more knowledgeable than the average citizen. Do you believe him? (Full disclosure: This video is from the George Thompson campaign. I think it provides a compelling reason to vote for George, not Jamie.) rr

One Response to “Jamie says, “Trust me, I know best.””

  1. Iron Mike

    Hard to figure who is the greater disgrace to BC Law – this PoS or John “Yachtsman” Kerry. Anybody endorsed by Obama’s buddy Duh-Val has got to be rotten.

    JamieBoy told the kids marching in the Memorial Day Parade they should be grateful for our Constitution and the 1st Amendment “which gives us freedom from religion”. It was all I could do not to pound him on the spot. This openly proud “Progressive” [flaming socialist] is also anti-Gun, anti 10th Amendment, and anti-business.

    So what IS he for? Taxes, government programs and the Transgender Bathroom Bill. But Jamie knows he’s very smart – his mother told him so many times. That’s why he still lives with her.

    In 2008 he was waltzing his third “fiancée” around the polls, then forgot her and went home with his mother, leaving the girl standing in the snowstorm. She didn’t have a ride back to Boston, or his cell phone number, or his home number, – nothing.

    JamieBoy, when are you coming out of the closet? After all, here in Massachusetts it’s “OK to be Gay!”