Jamie Eldridge Is Drunk On Spending

Posted May 26th, 2013 by Iron Mike

JamieBoy's Two LovesJamieBoy flings your money
around like confetti
at a gay wedding.

Your Democrat-controlled State Senate has been hard at ‘work’ lately – spending your money to buy votes.

Guess how JamieBoy voted? 

His recent votes:

Y-E-S!!   $34 BILLION 2014 state budget.  Democrats added 195 amendments and $68.4 Million to the total.

$34 Bil ÷ 6,646,144 population = $5,116 spending / person

NO!   $46 million tax break for multi-state corporations [to compensate for the increased costs of tax reporting], and targeted to keep high-paying corporate jobs in Massachusetts.  Jamie is a Socialist – he HATES corporations!

NO!   Crime Lab Oversight.  Jamie voted with 33 others to reject creating a Forensic Services Drug Lab Oversight Board.  Guess he’s OK with the Annie Dookhan fallout…?  Ask him about the 48 deaths from the New England Compounding Lab…

NO!   Show PROOF of Residency to Register Cars.  Jamie is OK with illegals registering their cars here…

NO!   Photo ID on EBT Cards.  I guess Jamie thinks safeguarding your money would be ‘discriminatory’….  those 47,000 missing EBT cards don’t worry our JamieBoyNot even the 1,164 cards issued to DEAD people!

NO!   Provide valid Social Security Number to be eligible for Public Assistance.  Jamie is eager to give out your money – to anyone – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

JamieBoy has two (2) loves [that he’ll admit]:  Limelight and Spending. He proudly proclaims himself a Progressive Democrat, – but he is really a committed Agenda 21 Socialist.

Remember back in 2008 – he was campaigning for the Senate on the basis that HE had gotten that $54 MILLION  for Evergreen Solar to build their solar panel plant at Devens? 

Even Deval Patrick wasn’t buying it….  But our local Dumbocrats did. Evergreen went belly-up in 2011 – unable to compete with better quality panels made in….China! 

It’s idiots like Eldridge who are driving our state into bankruptcy!Jamie Claims Credit

4 Responses to “Jamie Eldridge Is Drunk On Spending”

  1. Jim Gettens

    Ah, JamieBoy, modern-day Democrat poster boy–and I do mean BOY–lives with Mom, feeds shamelessly from the public mammary gland, is incapable of producing any tangible wealth or tangible societal good, apparently lives the ‘alternative lifestyle,’ and is averse to accountability and responsibility in any form.

    As Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr points out, for Democrats the words ‘work,’ ‘productivity,’ ‘accountability,’ and ‘responsibility’ are tantamount to hate speech. JamieBoy, like all Democrats of course, also knows how to swell and maintain the ranks of illegal immigrant registered Massachusetts voter lay-abouts. Obviously his district is dominatd by like-minded left-wing Moonbat voters…and the rest of us keep paying the tab.

  2. Casey Chapman

    There’s a reason they call them “Dumbocrats”. It refers to their voting record in the district. My father, God rest his soul, used to tell me that the democrats were one step away from socialism. Looks like that step got taken away a couple of decades ago, eh?

  3. Robert Cappucci

    More great reasons to always vote for conservative Republicans. The Dumbocrats are following another “religion.” The Devout Order Of Liberalism and they are often in the Tabernacle Wine closet drinking more than their “fair share” of what was purchased by the tax payers dollars.

    Unfortunately they fill the pews for their weekly Sermons of the gifts from their altar week in and week out to folks who then turn around and bomb the Boston Marathon or hijack flights from Logan to slam the planes into buildings and our Pentagon. We have to find folks to run for office and take our State House and State Senate from the hands of these zealots and establish a direction in Massachusetts that hasn’t really been seen since the days of Calvin Coolidge. Limited government and limited taxes by men and women of few words and decisive action.

  4. Catherine

    “NO! Photo ID on EBT Cards. I guess Jamie thinks safeguarding your money would be ‘discriminatory’…. those 47,000 missing EBT cards don’t worry our JamieBoy.”

    We need to hit them back with their own rhetoric.

    He must HATE people who really need help, since he has no interest in stopping those who would STEAL aid needed by the poor. WHY does he hate the needy so much? Why does he want the poor to go without, and why does he want to enrich thieves instead?