Jamie Eldrdige is smarter than the Founding Fathers!

Posted July 27th, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

A system that’s been in place since the first days of the US Constitution is under attack by our fearless leader, Jamie Eldridge.  “What we are submitting is the idea that the president should be selected by the majority of people in the United States of America,” Senator James B. Eldridge, an Acton Democrat, said before the Senate voted to enact the bill.

Of course he knows that this is patently false.  What he is advocating and supporting is that from now on (if enacted) the President of the United States will be elected by the majority of voters in the largest cities and states.  The smaller states will thus wield no power at all.  In fact, candidates will no longer visit New Hampshire, Iowa and the like.  They can focus all their time on the big cities like New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago.  They don’t need to waste their time on the rest of us.  Our votes won’t count.

Under the new plan, the Massachusetts would hand all of its 12 electors to the winner of the national popular vote, even if that candidate didn’t win in Massachusetts itself.  So, Massachusetts voters could choose Candidate O for president, but, if the rest of the country votes for candidate E, their votes would be overridden and nullified by the voters of the other states.  Sound fair?  Not to me either.

Look at the list above and see if you notice what I noticed.  Yup, they’re all Democrat cities.  Tried and true.  So, it appears that Mr. Jamie is voting this way in his own assurance that he’ll be re-elected and faces no opposition. Then he can move on to bigger and better things, since he needn’t worry about the pesky vote from the rest of the country in any national election.

It’s hard to imagine that any politician can actually believe such tripe.  Of course they don’t.  They just won’t say what they really know.  It’s not about the people’s vote.  It’s about power and nullifying the votes of good, honest, hard-working Americans across the country.  We need to rid ourselves of these examples of political hubris once and for all.  For Jamie, it won’t be soon enough.

Vote this November, while it still counts.  Who knows what’ll happen  after that.


2 Responses to “Jamie Eldrdige is smarter than the Founding Fathers!”

  1. ironmike

    Just four years ago JamieBoy told the kids marching in Boxborough’s Memorial Day Parade that they should be thankful our Constitution and our 1st Amendment give us “freedom from religion”. He always scoffs at constitutional prohibitions to “government programs”. Acton “democrat” my donkey – he’s a single-agenda socialist. Click here for a few pictures of this loathsome creature in action with his real constituency.

    Big wide group shot half-way down the page:

  2. Rabid Republican

    An interesting fun note… today Mrs rr and I were at Cafe Ziba for a morning coffee. I had decided to take my MA Absentee Ballot with me. I put it on the table in front of me and who should walk in and glance at it (and me) but dear Rep. Eldridge. I hope he saw that it was a Republican ballot.