James O’Keefe vs New Hampshire AG Joseph Foster

Posted March 5th, 2016 by Iron Mike

James came to CPAC 2016 – and delivered a stinging indictment against New Hampshire’s culture of corruption and never-ending voter fraud.   He basically threw down the gauntlet to NH Attorney General Joseph A. Foster.
O'Keefe at CPAC 2016 vs Foster
Short video below the fold….

Photo-Op Politics

Like many public officials across the US, Foster probably feels his first loyalty is to the public employees and volunteer poll workers….so he has a knee-jerk reaction when ‘those smart-ass outsiders come up here and stir up trouble’….

But Foster’s FIRST DUTY and FIRST LOYALTY by law is to the Constitutions of the US and New Hampshire, and to the Equitable Rule of Law.

And thus the problem:  

Foster is a Democrat, – was previously a State Senator from Nashua.  He is thus disinclined to pursue any government employee or volunteer for either deliberate voter fraud or sloppy work on election day.

And now Foster is running for Congress…?

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