James O’Keefe Undercover Again – And Brilliant!

Posted June 3rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

A James O’Keefe video exposing everyday FRAUD, WASTE, ABUSE, and OFFICIAL indifference in our US Govt.  This time it’s the Census Bureau – who will be sending goons to your front door.  Watch the video – as much as you can stomach, and I’ll try explaining why it’s even worse than you’re seeing.

You ~ may ~ remember that back early in 2009, when the Obama thugocracy took over the WH, it was announced that presidential goon Rahm Emanuel would personally handle the 2010 Census from the WH – a job normally handled by the US Dept of Commerce.  Hmmm, that’s odd.

The answer lies in the tremendous power in numbers and statistics.  In the ugly world of the Obama thugocracy,  it doesn’t matter what you filled out on your census form, or what these $18.25 / hour enumerators write down when they visit.  Rahm Emanuel will personally decide what the 2010 Census numbers areWhy?

Because if he can create new Congressional Districts in metropolitan areas filled with poorly educated and predominantly Black and Hispanic welfare-dependant voters [and NON-voters], – the Socialist Party [formerly known as “Democrats”] will have a very easy time totally controlling who gets elected to Congress from those newly created districts.  See, they still want what happens in Congress to look legal. 

2011 will be the year that each state legislature begins to redistrict its state – based on the new Census data.  While it doesn’t matter much in the states with low population [VT, RI, NH, etc] – it matters BIG TIME in the more populated states, most of which are already burdened with gerrymandered districts. 

Just look at Barney Frank’s district – the Mass 4th.  Sick!  And it all has to somehow get done before the 2012 election cycle begins, so candidates and voters know what their districts are.  Each time state and federal courts attempt to settle the arguments – using of course the 2010 Census data [massaged in advance by Rahm Emanuel] – the crime compounds itself – for another ten years!

So as James O’Keefe has just shown you, you’re being robbed at every step of the way!  And yet the govt employees shown ~ probably ~ think they’re doing “an honest day’s work” – because after all, they showed up!  And after all, “everybody does it”.

We are well on our way to becoming the USSA,  the corrupt federal government employee mindset is already deeply embedded in their DNA.  Today in America – one out of every ten people “work” for some level of government.  The other nine are supporting them – PLUS supporting the non-working people.  And today about 10% of the nine are unemployed.  Got the picture?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Hat Tip:  http://www.exposeobama.com   [you should visit daily]

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