James Comey: You Positively SUCK!

Posted July 8th, 2016 by Iron Mike

You have betrayed the trust placed in you on a level worse than spy Robert Hanssen.
FBI  Hanssen and Comey
On this terrible morning America needs an effective and credible FBI working to help the Dallas Police Department,  – but under your leadership the Bureau is neither effective or credible.
You’ve turned it into a bad joke!

Your bureau is still covering up the execution murder of rancher LaVoy Finicum in Oregon this past January.  Even before this past week,  FBI credibility with many Americans was dangerously low.

Execution of LaVoy Finicum

You oversaw a year-long slow-walking charade of an investigation,  which seems to have been conducted in a manner which deliberately overlooked obvious criminal acts and which predisposed and precluded criminal prosecution. 

How long have you been in the Clinton’s pockets?


–  You confined your investigation to Hillary’s email server…?

–  If you ARE investigating the Clinton World Initiative [ her political slush fund of Arab money] there is still no sign that you’ve subpoenaed people and questioned them under oath  Why not?

–  You failed to investigate Hillary’s many lies to Congress while UNDER OATH.   Just how willfully BLIND are you and your bureau?

Your press conference last Tuesday where you laid out a complete prima facie case against Hillary,  – then slapped America in the face with your big “However”.

Worse,  you failed to mention any of the other members of Hillary’s inner circle who are guilty co-conspirators in her deliberate and ongoing mishandling of classified messages and her destruction of government records.

Then yesterday you appeared before the House Government Reform Committee,  and spit in America’s eye.

You admitted you hadn’t questioned Hillary under oath!?!?!

What the FUCK were you thinking? 

Was that all ‘just for show’,  – part of the BIG CHARADE?

You admitted you hadn’t looked into her LYING UNDER OATH!?!?!

Really James, are you expecting to be Hillary’s personal Attorney General when Loretta is named to the Supreme Court?

Last night there was an act of open warfare in Dallas.  We need the Bureau to be swift,  effective,  thorough,  and credible.

But you’ve removed all credibility.   We can no longer trust the Bureau or you!

You’ve sold out to Hillary the exact same way Agent James Connolly sold out to mobster Whitey Bulger.  

Connolly   Bulger   Comey

What’s you cut?

6 Responses to “James Comey: You Positively SUCK!”

  1. Hawk1776

    Compare Hillary’s transgression and non-punishment to Major Jason Brezler. Brezler sent one email containing a classified document to another Marine in Afghanistan to try to save Marine lives. When he subsequently realized the document was classified he reported himself. It was recommended that Brezler, who had transferred to the Marine Corps Reserve and is an NYPD firefighter, receive an honorable discharge but be forced out of the Marine Corps. The case is under review.

  2. Catherine

    Iron Mike, you said, “no sign that you’ve subpoenaed people and questioned them under oath. Why not?”

    The answer is simple: there is NO sense in putting HC under oath, as she will lie, lie, lie, lie, lie as easily under oath as not. In her own words, “What difference does it make?!” Answer: none. So why bother?

    But yes, Comey is a disgrace.


    The only person we KNOW about is Bryan Pagliano – the computer nerd. Other members of her inner circle should have been made ‘targets’ – and questioned UNDER OATH, – so that when they lied to cover their asses [or hers] – they could be looking at Marta Steward jail time,…as a minimum – or more if they were co-conspirators.

    Some of those privileged eggs will crack,…if it’s done correctly…

  3. Panther 6

    Comey is a disgrace. Somehow the fix was in. Maybe they have pictures of Comey?

  4. Jim Gettens


  5. Sherox

    Moreover, then said that you needed a Congressional order?

    Why is it that General Patraeus is in jail but Hillary is not.

    The biggest crime families in the US are the Bushes & Clintons. More people murdered than by the mob.

  6. Brad Wyatt

    FWIW – Senator Rand Paul was the only NO vote against Comey – didn’t trust him. More conservatives with backbone are needed in DC and Beacon Hill.