James Comey: Man With A 2-Sided Mouth

Posted March 21st, 2017 by Iron Mike

The FBI Director testified before the House Intelligence Committee Monday,  – and was again a study in parsing his words and avoiding questions.

First he tells the Committee that there is “no evidence that Obama bugged the Trump Tower”…   THEN he tells the Committee that there has been an ongoing criminal investigation looking into any Trump – Russia connections and any attempts to influence the 2016 election…. Which is it Comey?

ANY and ALL FBI investigations into Trump last year would have had to been (a). known by Obama, and/or (b). approved by Obama.

For us to believe otherwise would mean that Director Comey was running a rogue investigation of the Trumps – on his own – without the President’s knowledge or approval.

So which is it?

Rogue operation?  Or Obama knew,  approved,  and was being updated…?

AT ISSUE:  The “Swamp” doesn’t want to be drained!

Our various intelligence agencies have grown old, fat, and very comfortable fighting the last war – the Cold War against the USSR. There are tens of thousands of career government employees involved – for their entire lives,…tracking Russian diplomats and military units.

They don’t wish to be disturbed – or reassigned to look for Muslim jihaddis…

On one level it is a matter of leaving their comfort zones, and having to learn new skills. On a deeper level,…these career civil servants (95% Democrats) don’t want their friends and family thinking of them as ‘racists’ for tracking Muslim terrorists.

They can feel quietly ‘heroic’ defending us against Russians (no longer a threat), – but they’ve bought into the liberal bullshit about discriminating against Muslims….and most want no part of it….

Comey sold his soul and his badge long ago.  When he couldn’t make the prima fascia case against Hillary for Treason and Espionage for having troves of classified documents on her unguarded private server,….you knew he was part of the cartel.

The closest he could come to the truth,….was to define Hillary as being essentially too stupid to be trusted with classified material,…while saying that no jury would convict her of a crime…

It was one of the saddest moments in American Law Enforcement.

KEY INDICATOR:  If Comey had any intentions of conducting a real or a thorough investigation,….he would already have discovered and charged whichever person(s) in the upper ranks of the intelligence community leaked Mike Flynn’s name to the media.

But he hasn’t,…and he won’t.  He will protect the swamp creatures.

MEANWHILE,  that Trump tweet about Obama wiretapping his campaign gave the Democrats a tiny crack they are determined to exploit.

They truly believe that Trump’s power can be diminished if he is forced to admit he was wrong and apologize to Obama.

Should that ever happen, – they will spin each and every event for these next 46 months in terms of “unstable President Trump” – or even “Tweet-Gate”.

And Comey will help them all he can….

7 Responses to “James Comey: Man With A 2-Sided Mouth”

  1. FLICK

    Why is Trey Gowdy not Attorney General?

  2. Hawk1776

    Comey’s behavior during the campaign was indefensible and he should resign. His hatred for the New England Patriots shows that he is unfit for office 😉

  3. Kojack

    PRESIDENT TRUMP should fire Comey and ALL of the Obysmal hold-overs in every agency. He should have done that immediately or ASAP. Why he hasn’t at least axed Comey and other dept. heads already is incomprehensible. Keeping them on is just adding to the difficulty he will face from the establishment implementing his policies.

  4. Sherox

    He is nothing but an obstructionist and should have been arrested for that.

  5. MC

    I have always wondered why the FBI director wasn’t chosen from those within the Department. You would think that someone who has come up through the ranks would have a better understanding of the workings of the department and also wouldn’t be influenced by prior outside influences and commitments as Comey must be.

    With his prior dealings with the Clinton Foundation and his brother’s ongoing association — why hasn’t this been brought up in any hearing involving her. I would think receiving millions from someone’s foundation would taint their impressions in some way.

  6. Jim Gettens

    Were I Trump, Comey, the 6’8″ maneuvering, manipulating, self-serving, fence-riding, info-withholding Political Gummy Worm, and John Koskinen, the Kenyan-Muslim-Commie-Pansy’s lying, obstructing, cover-up-artist IRS Commissioner, would have been my first two fires.

    They are both dangerous to a Democratic Republic.

    In is inexplicable and inexcusable that they remain in place.

  7. Jim Gettens

    LATEST: https://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2017-03-22/nunes-says-trump-team-communications-caught-in-u-s-surveillance

    Anyone out there really believe that that SNAKE Comey “has no Knowledge” about all this???