Jackpot! We Get TWO (2) Corruption Trials!

Posted April 5th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Judge rules that 60 corruption charges are “too confusing” for a jury of low-information Massachusetts Democrat voters to digest; – breaks them into two separate trials.
the judge and the crook
Judge William G. Young is one of the good guys; a Reagan appointee – he sentenced the Shoe Bbomber to life.   He calls the 62 [so far] corruption and racketeering charges against the Probation Department leadership “the most complex case he’s seen in 30 years”.

He warned the Feds he would not allow cumulative evidence – saying that they only need to prove two (2) illegal acts under the racketeering charge.

He noted that at the conclusion of the first trial the Feds could bring their second case – if the need still exists.
O'Brien + Tavares + Burke

So for the moment it looks like John J. “Jack” O’Brien, Elizabeth Tavares and William Burke will be tried first on racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, and mail fraud.

Then if necessary on bribery.


We are about to see a complete circus – a three-ring circus – of state legislators [all Democrats] called to testify about their role in voting for bigger budgets in exchange for O’Brien hiring their dysfunctional relatives into both full-time and part-time jobs.

Yeah, – simple as that – swapping their votes for bigger budgets and jobs for relatives.

All on the Taxpayer’s backs.

And Martha Coakley never saw any problems – ever?   How ironic that this trial will be going on as she campaigns for Governor….she’ll be trying to garner news time and headlines – even as her massive failure to protect the taxpaying voters plays out in Federal [not State] Court.
Working Coakley

There are going to be a LOT of criminal defense attorneys making BIG $$$ to advise the long list of slimy Democratic state legislators on how to couch their testimony.   Sooner or later one of our duly elected [and often re-elected] tax maggots is bound to open an even bigger can of worms.

And as the days go by, – as you head is about to explode, – remember one stunning fact:  these corrupt goons were entrusted with monitoring paroled convicts!

Don’t you wish Judge Young was assigned to the Justina Pelletier case?

JAIL! Thursday 13 Nov 2014 Probation Czar Jack O’Brien : 18 months [lucky], Tavares : 3 Months, Burke : 1 yr probation

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