Jack Gilchrist Bites Back!

Posted July 19th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Obama’s own arrogance invited this attack!

Gilchrist Metal Fabricating – Hudson, NH

3 Responses to “Jack Gilchrist Bites Back!”

  1. Walter Knight

    I did not write my books or sell over 30,000 copies. Obama did when government hired English teachers and built roads so we could get to school.


    I’m sharing my royalties with Obama, for change.

  2. William L. Graham


    I wrote books and sold over 30,000 copies. My education and community contributed greatly to the quality of my life and indirectly participated in developing in my the skills and abilities to author these works. I am grateful for the help.

    Take out the NOT, put in the AND, and remove the lie about sharing.

  3. Walter Knight

    You’re right. I’m not sharing my royalties except for my payments to the IRS.

    Pack sand.