I’ve Been Deleted? I’m Devastated!

Posted May 31st, 2016 by Iron Mike

Was it something I wrote about her?   Did she perceive negative vibrations?   It seems the MassGOPs Mouseketeer has deleted me from her bulk email list.
Charlie Baker's ugly Chair Mouse
I’m crushed!  And to learn about it on Memorial Day…

I learned our bewhiskered leader sent out a Memorial Day email to her “Loyal [i.e. compliant and uncritical] Followers”,  reminding them of the sacrifices of our fallen,  and praising Charlie Brown’s Baker’s heroic attempts to deal with drug abuse among veterans.

She’ll say and do ANYTHING to link her name with Baker, – or Mitt,…or Jeb,…or Christie,…or Kasich,…any other RiNO the voters have soundly rejected.

Anybody but Trump….

So very awkward

You have to ask yourself,… “…which party has for decades, – from LBJ to Carter, – through Clinton, – and now through Obama….held the wishes and needs of common folks – the voters – in utter disdain…?

We might answer loudly: B-O-T-H Parties!”

There’s a lot of truth in that…..sadly….

But as the Political Summer of 2016 dawns upon us it’s becoming clearer by the moment that the Democrats have narrowed their field to two strange choices – the aging Socialist who never held a job,…

…and the lifelong elitist scandal-tainted liar who never told the truth

…and then there are the wannabes waiting in the wings for Hillary to be frog-marched away in handcuffs,…Biden, Kerry, Bloomberg, MoonBeam,….even Michelle the Tranny….

Our 80 elected MassGOP Committee Critters should be asking the Mouseketeer some tough questions….

If either she or Charlie Brown Baker care so much about VETERANS,  – how many VA facilities has he – or she – actually visited?

Does she even know how many there are…?

The Mouseketeer – aka Kirsten Hughes – is publicly on record as being anti-gun [afraid of guns] and therefore in favor of strict gun-control laws….

Doesn’t that fact alone make her a Democrat?

Add to that her pro-Choice stance on abortion

…and we old-time Republicans have to ask – “…what kind of ‘Republican’ is this former Disney singer…?

And then there’s that long painful list of RiNO candidates she and the MassGOP have backed – at the expense of real Republicans – that leave us with little wonder that all 11 of our Representatives on Capitol Hill are flaming lib-turds…from Senator Squaw,  to the Ice Cream Man,  to Tsilent Tsongas,  to Jim McGovernment….to the Kennedy Kidlette…

I noted that while Kirsten’s Memorial Day message spoke of Veteran’s homelessness and opioid addiction [i.e. veterans as victims = standard Democrat talking points] – she doesn’t mention J-O-B-S.

…have she and Charlie Brown Baker given up on jobs ever returning to this anti-manufacturing state?  Oh Gawd FORBID – not belching smokestacks again!

Kirsten's MassGOP Email

This rant begins with me feeling just SO left out – that I didn’t even learn that I’d been deleted from the MassGOP mailing list until a good friend showed me a copy of his email.

Why would the Mouseketeer delete me?  Was it something I said?

I guess Hillary is confident about getting Kirsten’s vote.

And we know that so far,  Charlie [who endorsed first Christie and then Jeb],…plans to sit on his hands in Cleveland….hoping for a Romney comeback…? 

That is – if he even goes…?

And you wonder why people across the country mock Massachusetts…?

2 Responses to “I’ve Been Deleted? I’m Devastated!”

  1. Varvara

    Now Mike stop crying that Kristin doesn’t like you any more. We here at RR still like you and look forward to more sarcastic comments. Anything more coming about HRC?

  2. Hawk1776

    Next you’ll be off her Christmas card list 😉