Ivanka Trump Has Liberals Soiling Themselves

Posted February 14th, 2017 by Iron Mike

She should be selling a line of adult diapers!  LibTurds are soiling themselves daily over everything Trump, and now over everything Ivanka.

Frankly,  she’s yet another class act in the Trump Family,….and Liberals can’t find anybody in their stable to match her,….so they attack.   Her “sin” yesterday was sitting at the Resolute Desk.

In my lifetime I can remember nothing so cheap and petty as these anti-Ivanka attacks from the jealous left.

For the past 2 years I did observe that Chelsea Clinton’s actions were largely ignored and overlooked by the media – which totally overlooked any questions about…

– who her real father might be (Webb Hubble…?)

– who paid for her wedding (Clinton “charity” money?)

– that she married the son of a crook,…..Edward Mezvinsky (5 years for $10 mil bank fraud)

– that her husband Mark Mezvinsky suddenly closed his “Hedge Fund” (Eaglevale Partners) when Hillary lost. (Is that how folks were buying access…?)

But the Left has bullied several stores to drop Ivanka’s clothing line,  – simply because she is Trump’s daughter,  – and because he seems to value and trust her advice and council.

So when Ivanka accompanied her dad to Dover AFB as he was there to witness the return of slain Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, – there came again those sniping questions “Who elected her…?”

In the decades to come we will watch the media follow the every footstep of the 4 Trump kids,  – and all his grand-kids,…looking for each and every perceived misstep….

.while the Kennedy Clan and the Clinton grand-kids are glorified and praised,  – no matter how many babysitters they rape,  – no matter how many die stupidly or by suicide,….and no matter how many women they murder….

How many remember the 1979-80 Ted Kennedy presidential campaign,  – and the number of Democrats totally willing to overlook his draft-dodging,  his adultery,  and the murder of Mary Jo Kopechne…?

If it weren’t for Double-Standards….

…the Left would have


5 Responses to “Ivanka Trump Has Liberals Soiling Themselves”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Ivanka sitting at the Resolute Desk made a much better photo op than her father’s a$$hole predecessor sitting with his feet up on it….

  2. Varvara

    BTW Chelsea’s wedding dress cost $14,000. There were no photos of Mark’s parents allowed to escape from the wedding. About a year ago Mark lost $2+M of investors money, then closed up shop.

    As for sitting at the desk you can go to any presidential library and have your picture taken at the desk.

  3. Hawk1776

    Ivanka has handled the public spotlight with dignity and grace. One wonders how much she will put up with before deciding enough is enough.

  4. Walter Knight

    We really need Trey Gowdy appointed special prosecutor to clean house on Clintons and their associates.

  5. Kojack

    Mike – great job contrasting Ivanka with Chelsea and the hypocrisy/double standards of the left. This is why, especially after the last 8 years THE LEFT/DEMOCRAPS SHOULD BE TOTALLY IGNORED. IF THE ANTI-AMERICAN, LYING BASTARDS DON’T LIKE SOMETHING, TOUGH SHIT….DEAL WITH IT!

    BTW – I think General Flynn’s resignation is a HUGE mistake!