Ivanka and Donald Rock The Hall!

Posted July 22nd, 2016 by Iron Mike

Great speeches last night from Pastor Mark Burns, Peter Thiel, Ivanka and her dad!
Ivanka and her dad
Full speech below the fold:

It’s a tad long – but full of RED MEAT!

Now we get to watch Hillary’s Socialist Circus in Philly…but it’s going to be hard for lying crooked Hillary to even come near this standard….

…and of course she can’t,…without lying!

Hillary Clinton most callous lies

5 Responses to “Ivanka and Donald Rock The Hall!”

  1. FLICK

    Trump made it about us, not about him for the most part. The issues that are affecting the average person, not the niche groups. I only hope he can put some ‘teeth’ into that red meat.

    I think it’s pivotal that he preceded the bitch/witch/murderer/liar. She’s got a hard act to follow.

    I changed over to MSNBC to see and hear their reactions after the speech. I have never seen them so humble; Maddow’s trademark smirk was gone and they objectively analyzed key points. I hate to give them credit for their behavior, but I felt like I was watching commentary in the ’60s with real news reporters.

    AND, I kept hoping Ivanka would NEVER stop talking. I was hypnotized by that woman!

    The difference between 2 parent families and baby daddies in jail was never more apparent.

    I can’t wait for Aids Bubba to wheeze his way through her intro…

  2. Panther 6

    Ivanka not only looks good she is squared away and bright. Great future. The Donald did what he had to do.

  3. Mt Woman

    Trump and his family excelled this week, presenting perhaps a new political dynasty. Did you see young Baron–obviously at age 10, not yet ready for prime-time, but nonetheless–attractive, well-schooled and looking like a chip off the old Trump block. Like his big bros, Baron will find his own place in history.

    Hillary and company must be shivering in their collective pant suits this morning. This is truly a good news/bad news scenario–good news–Trump and the RNC gets to screw up with protesters and anarchy from within getting B-rated speakers–Bad News: How can we top this show–the screw ups were minor and minimal and we couldn’t even get traction from these? No significant incidents outside, definitely none inside (one Code Pink loon) and the unity and support for winning was palpable last night–just as predicted by Donald himself.

    Next week: retreads wearing new duds, trying to sound edgy and smart–ain’t gonna happen!!

  4. Leonard Mead

    Thanks much for posting a link to Trump’s FANTASTIC declaration of his policies at the Republican convention compared to whatever BS crooked Hillary will shovel at HER convention.
    I’m moving the link immediately to my e-mail letterhead.

  5. Ralphie boy

    Great job Mike posting Donald Trumps convention speech.

    This is a person who has the guts, stamina and courage
    to stand up to the media, the establishment and cronies
    That lurk throughout our government.

    This is our only real chance and hope to see
    What our great country was decades ago.
    There is no better choice than Trump. He is a
    True American. His family is well raised and take
    Pride in their dad’s companies and successes.

    So, if you vote for anyone else, you are voting
    For more of the same and I question one’s why. We need
    Change and that is what many fought for over
    The last 7 plus years. So it is now right in front of us.
    Trump is a breath of fresh air.

    Remove career incumbents and elect someone
    Who truly cares about the electorate and not the
    Pockets of a corrupted system.

    Pray that we win for a change. Support Donald Trump for

    Best to all Americans,