It’s Not “Civil Service” Gabe!

Posted April 12th, 2013 by Iron Mike

More unfortunate foot-in-mouth problems for our former Navy SEAL.
He said 
…I want to go down there and be a Civil Servant…”
SF 86

OK, maybe it was just a poor choice of words, – but in the well of the US Senate –
words matter – A LOT!  The Freudian slip comes at 20:30 on the first video.

Fox 25 Debate Part 1:

Here’s the thing Gabe; – our laws are written in words. EVERY single word can take on significant meaning months, years, even decades later.  Supreme Court decisions can hang on a single word…

As a potential US Senator – you seem to have problems using words.

By contrast, tonight again showed that Mike Sullivan fully understands the importance of words, and he also has a detailed familiarity with our current laws, – and understands what needs fixing, – and what should be left alone. BUDS

We all respect your Navy service Gabe, but being a senator is a lot different than surviving a cold night in the surf at BUD/S.

If your personal expectations of what is a competent lawmaker was formed by Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Scott Brown, Barney Frank, Jim McGovernment, or Ed Markey;…well we long-suffering Republicans are looking for a much higher standard.  You keep coming up short.

So the problems we have are:  

(1) your stated support of Obama and his policies,
(2) your having given money to Obama and Shuttleworth,
(3) your disingenuous sucking up to Deval Patrick for an appointment, and
(4) you keep saying “Navy SEAL” – as if nobody else ever went through tough training. 

Your SEAL training was 20 years ago,…you seem to have been mostly a Democrat since….

You see Gabe,  so far watching you I see you trying to sell your life story.  But this election isn’t about YOU, – it’s about US! 

Chosen CherokeeWe The People need a better US Senator than that liberal socialist zombie from the Cherokee reservation

So far I’m not convinced you could stand up to her, to Harry Reid, – or to Obama.  I sense that you’re easily impressed, and that they’ll quickly flatter you – as they did Scott Brown – and we’d be watching helplessly as you vote against our best interests.

Again Gabe, this race is NOT about you….waveoff

Think of this campaign as a carrier landing.  You’re getting a wave-off!
Fox 25 Debate Part 2:

One Response to “It’s Not “Civil Service” Gabe!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I’m not too impressed with Gabe, either. Like a lot of “Republicans” he’s a Rino and a D.I.D. Hopefully, Mr. Sullivan will prove to be less progressive and have more of a backbone.