It’s NOT A ‘Safety Net’ Mitt!

Posted February 7th, 2012 by Iron Mike

It’s a multi-generational trap!

Supporters are claiming that Mitt was merely inarticulate in the glow of his Florida victory when he claimed he ‘wasn’t concerned about the very poor – because they have a safety net’.

I say you just got a window into the inner Mitt, and he is both elitist and arrogantly ignorant.

Safety net? More like a spider web, – or a tar pit!

Bad luck, bad decisions, or being born into poverty can place anybody – any family – into poverty – and needing the help of others.

In colonial times the colonists used the Poor Farme – a plot of land where the poor were expected to work – often with borrowed tools and seed – and grow their food for the winter. That meant work!

Charity came from their church and their neighbors in proportion to their need, and their willingness to help themselves. One had to be worthy of ‘charity’.

But since the end of the Civil War, Democrats have conspired in a multitude of ways to maintain Blacks in a subservient and dependant role – and none have been better at it than their own ‘poverty pimps’.

Insulated in many ways from all this by the practices of his Mormon faith and lifestyle, Mitt Romney assumes that somehow the ‘safety net’ is there to catch those who fall into poverty.

WRONG!  It hasn’t been that way for over 100 years!  Instead it has slowly been turned by a series of progressive administrations – both R and D – into a deadly trap from which there is NO EXIT!

A generation into poverty and those in it learn to use the system. Girls start having babies at 13 or 14 – because each brings another government check. And they drop out of school – virtually assuring themselves AND THEIR BABIES – of another generation in the tar pit.

Drugs become the escape valve, and with drugs comes addiction, street crime, street gangs, and imprisonment – or violent death. Safety net indeed!

What our colonial forefathers dealt with in firm but charitable terms has become one of government’s sustaining industries. It employs a virtual army of welfare administrators [each drawing a substantial government paycheck, benefits, and retirement] dolling out an increasing array of benefits.

With little hope of ever escaping the welfare treadmill – recipients [now called ‘clients] understand that keeping the goodies coming means voting for their ‘benefactors’ – aka the Socialists.

So Mitt – and those who think like him – are wrong – DEAD WRONG!

The ‘safety net’ as seen by Mitt is a multi-generational poverty sentence – akin to slow genocide – by removing or destroying all the incentives for poor people to get educated, to work hard, and to lift themselves up.

There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between genuine ‘charity’ – and keeping pets, – or maintaining a zoo.

Today every American city has it’s own ‘inner city’. While their locations are sometimes accidental, each can be traced to a series of ‘well-intended’ government decisions. Today the same tribalism of Africa and Central America can be found recreated in our ‘inner cities’. Safety net indeed!

Now the discussion shifts – aided by the perennial poverty pimps.  The poor are somehow ‘owed’. Now, although no American alive ever owned a slave, the discussion is about ‘reparations’.

The REALLY SCARY PART?  Between the growing rolls of government employees and the growing rolls of welfare ‘clients’, there is nearly an insurmountable voting block!

Add a few million more well-meaning campus intellectuals and a generation of ‘socialized but dumbed-down’ high school grads, – and you get the elections of Governor Patrick and Barack Obama.

At some point – whether it is the Socialist Republic of Greece, or these spider-covered trees in Pakistan, the ‘safety net’ overwhelms the ability of society to maintain it.

Out in LA they keep finding the animals who got stuck and died in the tar pit at La Brea. Let’s make sure our whole country doesn’t get stuck there.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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